Tuesday, March 29, 2016

HK 57 Easter Eggs !

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Hello! 各位弟兄姐妹早安!

Happy Easter! Hallelujah! I know He lives!

This week were filled with fun experiences. Elder Forston and I are working really hard and praying really hard for our investigator. We are praying for divine guidance as to know where the prepared people are. Listening to the little promptings of the spirit has been key as well. Our teaching has been awesome, the spiritual jabs we throw to our investigators is a killer. The spirit is just kicking in during the lesson and I love it! The Holy Ghost really is the teacher, all we have to do is to be clean vessels so that the spirit can work through us.

We set a new baptismal date with one of our investigators for May 15th. This time its solid, he seems determined this time. We are helping him with overcoming drinking. It'll be a long shot since he is a business man and apparently drinking is part of the game. So we are praying hard for him! He is awesome.  It has been a great privilege to teach the people who are not compelled to be humble here in Hong Kong. People here are loaded, they got the things that they need. So it has been a humble experience to help them understand the importance of the gospel in their lives and helping them understand that money really isn't everything. So, I look up to these people who would give time to us to listen what we know to be true and can help them have a better perspective in life.

Pretty cool thing that happened this week was when we were about to head out the chapel, I had a prompting to stay. We followed it and we sent text messages to invite our investigators to an activity coming up. As we were doing that, a man from Dubai came in and asked if he could take a tour around the church. And Of Course, we were more than happy to do it! Apparently that guy from Dubai is a shoe designer and he works for Nike and Adidas. Pretty sweet cos he showed us the latest design he made for Lebron, and some ideas he had for Puma and he showed us a picture of the owner of Nike in his studio. Really smart and spiritual guy, he said he was led by the spirit to come in to the church. We taught him the plan of salvation helped him understand the purpose if his life. He told me to get back into my basketball shoes, I told him the reason why I am serving tho. Consecration! It's been a blessing being a servant of the Lord out here!

Earlier this morning, I read Alma 32 and I am very impressed with what is said in one of the verses. Blessed are the people who are not compelled to be humble. As I was pondering upon that, I was once again reminded of how we should always have a humble attitude regardless of what our situation is. We have to have a humble heart as we Pray, Study the Scriptures, and as we go to church and magnify our calling. What a great reminder it is for me.

I just want to bear my simple testimony once again. I really do know that Christ lives. I would Like to repeat  what the angels say by his tomb, "He is Risen"!. I am so grateful for the atonement in my life, it really brings spiritual and physical power. It is real. I know that He is the Christ, all we have to do is to come unto him. I am excited for general conference, it'll be a great experience to hear the testimonies of the prophets. I know the Heavenly Father lives and He loves me and you!

I hope you guys have a great week! :D

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