Friday, March 4, 2016

HK 53 Wisdom Will Come As We Listen To Learn

On Feb. 29 , 2016 at 1:19 PM Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello, this week was awesome!

This week we were visited by an apostle of the Lord. Elder Stevenson came and as a mission we were able to sit down and hear him bear witness of Christ. It was awesome, he talked about ways on how we can be effective missionaries. I am so grateful that I was able to listen to him bear his testimony. As he was bearing his testimony, I felt the spirit so strongly. He was going so hard for 5 minutes about how Christ lives and how He is the main reason of why we do this work. It was intense. My testimony is strengthened by his talk and training.

This week was full of finding. We worked so hard! We were able to find a couple of investigators. Very excited for them! We were able to see our 107 years old friend this week. Pretty ancient huh? We saw him at night and quickly approached him. We asked how he was and he started crying. He said he slept on the floor the other day and he doesn't know why he slept on the floor. It was pretty sad seeing the old person cry. We hugged him and we walked him home. He calls us his Hao PengYou ( good friend). Really nice dude. We were also able to teach a person we found the other week. It was a powerful lesson. He was from Fujian. I am very excited for him as well.

It is fun to serve as a zone leader. It is very tricky and can be stressful sometimes. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the other missionaries tho. Elder Mangrobang just got called as the other zone leader. I am very excited as well. We were able to sit down together last week and talk about the needs of the whole zone.

We were able to help one a mainland visitor come unto Christ once again. It was great to see the husband baptize her wife. It was a great experience!

Finding this week was awesome. We focused on the areas of Aberdeen and Kennedy town. Finding has been awesome recently. Although its hard to find the golden people, we still have the hope that they are somewhere out there. I just have an awesome feeling for this area.

Teaching Shi xiansheng (Mr.) is a test of patience as well. Pretty hard to teach him, it feels like mom trying to teach me how to put my dirty clothes in the basket. It takes time! We sang songs with him and invited him to be baptize but he says he doesn't understand anything. We are working hard to help him understand something. He loves the activities tho, we played basketball right after and he play really well. Pretty funny!

Scott just arrived last week and we are meeting him tomorrow. We are very excited to work with him as well. He is just golden!

I love my mission man! There are a lot of things I learned! To be honest the things that I have learned are really simple, nothing profound! I am so grateful that I get to apply the atonement of Jesus Christ into my life as a missionary. Every time I feel like I want to give up, I just think of what He has done for me. Nothing hard in this life is comparable to the sacrifice He has given. I know that He lives. I am grateful that I can see Him bless my life and to others as well. I know that God lives, He really does love each one of us. He has a perfect plan! I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and my redeemer. No matter where we are at life, His arms are always open to receive us. Come unto Him! And I know that by the power of the Holy Ghost we will know all things that we should do. Of this I testify in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
Elder Sy 
China Hong Kong Mission