Monday, June 29, 2015

HK 18 Young And Excited !

On Monday, June 29, 2015 12:10 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Dear Fam !

Great week! It was a really cool week with Elder Shukis. Missionary work became "Fun-er" since we were companions. I have learned a lot from him too! Wow, this week was pretty fast! Really fast!

This week, we didn't have lots of lesson so we focused a lot in finding. One thing we have been doing during finding is picking out a number in the "101 ways to find in Hong Kong" paper. It is a list of crazy ideas we can do for finding. Doing that this week made finding better. One miracle was when Elder Shukis picked a point that said " Do church pull-backs", which is standing outside the chapel and talking to people and giving them an opportunity to have a tour around the chapel. As we did that we were able to find someone. We gave her a tour around the chapel and after that we invited her to come to stake conference. She went to the Saturday and the Sunday session. It was cool. One thing I did was magic! Before my mission I was able to learn a simple magic trick. Never knew I would be using it here. In church I found cards in the cupboard and I decided to take 1. As we were going home, we found a guy sitting and I decided to go to him and show the trick. After showing the trick he laughed so hard and gave us 5 minutes (which is a longer time people give us) to share with him the message, we were able to teach a lesson. It was super cool. Also taught a less active together with her son Henry. A really good family but they have to go to Shen Zhen every weekend so yeah, its a challenge. 

Yeah, Hong Kong is getting hot. So I am actually getting darker but hey all for the Lord right? I know the Church is true. I am blessed to be part of this great mission. I know Christ lives. I know God has a plan for each one of us. Continue having that faith in Christ. I invite people reading this to come unto Christ. Love you all have a great week.

Elder Sy

                               ELDER SY
(薛 長 老)
China Hong Kong Mission
 2014 - 2016

One last time with President  and Sister Hawks. Really a great mission president. He is very dedicated. ( End of Mission).

Daily planner of Elder Shukis.. He is pretty excited for Saturday.

Bruce Lee Documentary Show.

Rearranging the apartment

Monday, June 22, 2015

HK 17 Covering The Beautiful Tolo Harbor Zone ( 吐露港 ) With My New Companion.

On Monday, June 22, 2015 11:25 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hey, how is everyone? Wow,this week was great! A lot of things happened in the mission. I have a new companion. I am now serving the whole TOLO HARBOR with Elder Shukis. Its really exciting. We are kinda young missionaries. He has been out on the field for 8 months now. Its crazy how we are serving the whole Zone. I guess once our investigators will start meeting with us we will be jumping on trains. 

The Beautiful Tolo Harbor
This week was great, I moved from the Ma On Shan apartment to the Tai Po apartment. It was sad to leave that apartment, especially knowing that Elder Mangrobang is living there ( A Filipino missionary who came in with me). I am back to the small apartment in Dai Po, There is a lot of space in the apartment right now since its only Elder Shukis and I living there. Anyway enough of the random stuff. 

I have learned a lot again this week. My personal time with my Heavenly Father has been really great this week. Since we don't live with other missionaries, I have more time talking to God. Its been really great, I love it! Repentance is a really beautiful process. Its so nice to be on your knees every night and thinking what I could have done better. 

The work right now is great we have some investigators meeting with us, we have two baptismal dates. Elder Shukis and I are young and excited! We are energetic in getting the work done. New challenges are coming on the way. I am ready to learn new things in this companionship.  

I know the church is true. I know that the fullness of His gospel is restored.  I know Christ lives. I know His atonement enables us to repent and progress. I know that we can be with our Families together forever. 

Have a great week!

Elder Sy

Tolo Harbor

The District

Elder Wong heading back to Malaysia 

Dragon boat race

Our investigator soon to be baptized
My new companion Elder Shukis

God be with you till we meet again Elder Haggenmiller. He is now on the last transfer of his mission on the Kowloon Tong Area.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HK 16 Repentance And Progress In The Christian Life

On Monday, June 15, 2015 12:36 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:


Its been another good week. What was good was we were able to help 2 sisters from Beijing China receive baptism. Its pretty miraculous. Almost every main lander I taught came in, prepared. The spirit is always strong whenever I teach main-landers. We didn't do a lot of finding this week because we had a lot of lessons (YEAH!). Our golden investigator Richard found a job in Hong Kong. He has a really strong testimony right now. He went back to Beijing yesterday to get some requirements. He wont be back til the 19th of July. What was cool was he said " When I get back, get me baptized." Its pretty awesome!  

Also went on splits this week. Spent a day with Elder Shukis. He has been out 11 months now so it was fun working with him. One thing I focused this week was dropped investigators ( Investigators whom we haven't met for a long time) I was able to call a bunch and scheduled some. Sometimes there is this thing called timing. I just read the letter my dad gave me about his conversion story. He was a pretty hard investigator took him 7-8 months before he got baptized. So dropped investigators are still important. You just never know when there time is. 

I've been learning a lot lately. Repent and Progress! Have a great week

Elder Sy

Tomorrow is transfer day. I doubt that one of us is moving haha! I think he will end his mission with me ahah! Anyways the mission is closing some areas cos of the lack of missionaries. President Hawks is sending missionaries a month before than when they are supposed to because he wants Everything to be smooth for President Lam. So the mission will be pretty young on august. There are 50 missionaries coming in from august to October.

Its so hot in Hong Kong
English Class

Sights And Sounds Of HK 16

Monday, June 8, 2015

HK 15 Accepted By Some........ Rejected By Others ! ! !

On Tuesday, June 8, 2015 2:31 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello! How is everyone? Time is really fast when you are having fun! There is so much to learn out here on the field. It really is a great time to drop bad habits and develop good ones. One bad habit I am trying to drop on my mission is procrastination. Its been good so far. It really is a great time to develop Christlike attributes!

This week was a great week of finding! I am getting darker actually because we stay out a lot. I will probably buy a whitening lotion haha! I had a good mindset for finding last week! We only had 3 full lessons last week so most of the time we were out finding. It was good, met a lot of good people on the streets! Its really fun meeting people with different kinds of characteristics. On my mission, I encountered two people who pointed the middle finger at me. It is pretty funny! 

This week one of our investigator Sean, is going back to mainland. So he can't make his baptism. Its sad but I hope he finds the church in China. On the other hand our golden investigator Richard received a baptismal date. Hopefully he can make it cos he is currently looking for a job in hong kong. It is pretty tough, most of our investigators are going back to mainland. Its the time of the year were Mainlanders either find a job or go home. So its pretty tough for us Mandarin missionaries right now. But its alright, just have to keep on finding the elect!

Pretty good week! Hope you guys have a great week! I know Jesus Christ  lives. If we rely on him we will be blessed! 

Elder Sy

Can't get inside our apartment.

Waitng for the Locksmith To open our apartment's main door.
With Elder Van Orman
With Elder Dazza

P-Day Buffet
My Breakfast

After four months of street finding.

Sights And Sounds Of HK 15

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

HK 14 Balance Between Difficulties And Satisfaction

On Tuesday, June 1, 2015 10:41 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hi Fam,

Wow Its June already Its amazing how time flies so fast! This week has its up and downs, just like a normal mission! You may think I am having the smoothest time of my life here in Hong Kong but I tell you it's been a roller coaster so far! There is a balance between the difficulties and satisfaction. Its really great I love it! A time for growth and a time to develop good habits.

This week was a week full of finding! Our investigators are really busy right now. We only had 2 lessons this week. One with Richard and the other with Jason. Richard was the guy we found on the bridge. Apparently he is so golden, he has been very receptive with what we are teaching him. He had another good time in church. He also wrote a story about us meeting him. Its really cool knowing how the investigators feel. He is pretty solid right now. The Kenyan woman we met 2 months ago turns out to be super golden too. We got her number 2 months ago and gave it to the international Elders and she is getting baptized on June 21. 

It was really hot last week, so 7 hours of finding was pretty hard but it was all worth it. Sometimes it can get tough but I pray for the strength to continue. It was really crazy when we met this weird man. I asked him if he speaks mandarin and he said " Get Lost" So we left and continued walking. But I don't know what was up with him, he came to us and started cussing so hard. It was pretty scary at first but then it was all right by the end. Its funny meeting different kinds of people everyday. 

One thing I have realized this week is that every day isn't wasted when you are out on the streets talking to people. We might not get a lot of numbers but I think every time we are out there we are planting seeds into people. You just never know what good you do.

I know we have a Loving Heavenly Father and he has a plan for each one of us.

Til Next week!
Elder Sy

                               ELDER SY
(薛 長 老)
China Hong Kong Mission
 2014 - 2016



Journal na sa usa ka investigator haha. He wanted to improve his English so he wrote his experience meeting with us.




Soaking wet shoes  
Tai Po Ward Member Baptism

Tai Po Ward member Baptism