Monday, September 26, 2016

HK 83 Blast From The Past.

Hello, last week was a blast once again. I love this work, oh man.

Last week was full of tender mercies once again. We spent some quality time calling people at night. I was searching up some names and saw some list of people who attends OpenU(where jason goes to school). I then called a guy named Aiden. I talked to him for a while and found out that he knows Jason as well. Pretty funny because he was found by other missionaries, even before Jason was contacted. So the tender mercy was Jason and Aiden being friends. Aiden cancelled the lesson after we set up a time because he got antied but Jason was really firm and tried his best to save the appointment. We were able to meet with him the next day and it was a great lesson. This is why members are so important!

Another tender mercy we had was when LiJiu's boss apparently received a BOM from a sister missionary. Now she wants to meet with us. Pretty exciting! This means LiJiu can finally start progressing and his boss as well!

Yesterday during church I met a young lady from Shang Hai who came to hong kong to visit the temple. When I saw her Rogers face poped out my mind. During that afternoon as I was praying for personal study I thought of that feeling again and had feeling that we had to set something up for these two. Well, it worked out well! They are off on a date right now. Really awesome! Roger was really happy, we would always tell him that we would do our best to help him out. Heavenly Father really does provide.

We visited a couple of great families last week, I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in Victoria 3rd branch for a long time. The branch is growing, there are a ton of kids. I am really impressed with how the parents teach their kids. Its amazing to watch them from the back and see these parents in action. Such great examples.

Kowloon is amazing, I am learning a few patterns for the work here. We are gonna work on being more efficient with our time. This is indeed the Lords work, the work of salvation. We are all part of this. I believe that the Savior loves us and his is filled with mercy. He understands us. I am grateful for a firm knowledge that I have a Father in Heaven. His love is infinite, unconditional, selfless. I am grateful that he loves and cares for each one of us. This Gospel is true!!!

Elder Sy 
China Hong Kong Mission 
2014 - 2016


Monday, September 19, 2016

HK 82 My Kowloon Experiences So Far.

Hello Everyone! 香港最近特別熱! 九龍也挺漂亮的!我們在這邊看到了非常多的奇蹟。 葛長老還有我有很好的關係, 那我覺得最近的生活很順利。 現在我會用英文來講吧。

So last week, we had a great opportunity of strengthening the recent converts and the less actives in this area. Jason and Borris are looking great. Jason has a lot of time so we spend some time helping him be more outgoing so that he could be a great member missionary. We did some role plays with him to help him get out of his comfort zone. I think it'll take time before it will be natural for him to mingle with others. Borris is really good as well, he woke up late last week but it didn't stop him from partaking the sacrament. Instead of not attending church because he is late he went to the Kowloon chapel to attend the Cantonese sacrament meeting. What a great example!

Our investigators in this area is doing well too! We have 4 baptismal dates now, so it is looking really solid. Pretty worried about Ocean tho because he looks like he is pretty busy recently. I hope and pray that he didn't get antied. 陳弟兄 is doing great as well, he is really solid. All he has to do now is to give up drinking, we are praying for a miracle and we are inviting him to take that big step to be prepared for baptism. I know that he will be able to make it.

Scot is awesome too! He got was ordained a priest last week. I am so proud for him, he decided himself that he wanted to receive the priesthood. He is making so much right choices right now and him and his family seems to be happier everytime I see them at church. His wife seems to be doing well too and their kids love church so much. What a great family! I am so happy.

Zone training was awesome too! I am so grateful that we were listening to the spirit as we were preparing for the meeting. We felt really prompted to take away one of the trainings and have a musical number and a testimony meeting instead. It turned out to be great and it was the most spiritual zone meetings I've had. It was awesome! We discussed once again about the principle of sacrifice which is basically ourselves "a broken heart and contrite spirit".

啊! 我真的喜歡我在香港的經驗。 我知道耶穌基督的福音已經福興了。我非常感謝我有這個機會可以體驗福音的祝福。而且有這個機會給人分享就是一個特權。下個星期見吧。再見!

Elder Sy

Monday, September 12, 2016

HK 81 Kowloon Area Mission President's Seminar.

KOWLOON IS A BLAST! Last week was super busy, I just want to take a day off sometimes. I am so tired. The area is amazing, we saw a lot of miracles last week. We now have 3 baptismal dates that is looking really good right now. Once again, my testimony of the gospel was strengthened.

So last week we had the great privilege of helping Ocean out with his english. He is one of the golden guys that we are teaching right now. We taught him 4 times last week and I could see the potential that this guy has. Jason Lin, invited us to his house so we were able to invite him and the other Jason as well. So yeah, basically 3 Jasons in the house. We taught a powerful lesson about the restoration and both Jasons bore their testimony of how the gospel blessed them. Hm, sounds really exciting!

Another guy that we were able to meet with again is Chen Guo Wu. He is from Fujian as well and we reviewed the lesson one and recommitted him to be baptized once again. He is a really kind guy and I hope that this time he would give up the drinking so that he could be prepared for baptism.

We were able to teach Max and his wife as well. Max is a member who was baptized in New York. We are hoping to help his wife. She believes that the church is true, all she needs is more ward support. Very cute family. Reminds me of Scots family as well.

Last week Elder Grayam and I were invited to a mission Presidents seminar. The whole asia areas mission presidents came, which means I was able to see my fellow, Chinese -filipino, President Teh. Because of time I wasn't able to talk with him but it was an awesome experience to feel the power and the excitement that the mission Presidents have. Elder Funk gave a great training about reading the book of mormon with investigators. It was a powerful experience and it rekindled the excitement that I have for the book Of Mormon.

I just want to bear my simple Testimony right now. I really do know that the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints is Christs church. I can't think of any better way to fully prepare ourselves of fulfilling our eternal potential. I am so grateful for the HOPE and the HAPPINESS that I receive from the example of Christ. His atonement is infinite and all these things are great blessings! I know that I am not a perfect human being and I am not even close to being like Him but I am grateful for the motivation from the greatest motivator, the holy ghost. I know that all I have to do is to try my best. I love my Savior :) Have a great week!

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission

Monday, September 5, 2016

HK 80 Three Different Calls At The Same Time.

On Sept.5,2016 at 10:36  AM Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello Everyone!

Last week was really awesome! There is so much miracles going on in Kowloon. Its amazing, Heavenly Fathers hands are so clear in the lives of Members here and the conversion of investigators as well!

Last week we had a wonderful zone conference held in Kowloon Tong. We were paired with the NTs zone and the Macau Zone. President Lam gave a great training about teaching repentance. It was a great training and its pretty cool how he was basically teaching repentance to us. Great example! He is just full of charity! Elder James gave a great training about Sacrifice as well. With his experiences in life he is able to give us a bigger perspective on things. He is amazing! Such an energetic old man! The assistants also gave a training about teaching in the Saviors way. They focused on listening to the spirit overtime we teach. It was a great reminder of why the spirit is really important.

Elder Grayam is really awesome! We have been seeing a lot of miracles together. Like people feeding us( cos we ran out of food), Less actives willing to meet, referrals from members and missionaries! Amazing! We are getting along really well!

Last week was pretty crazy, it could be really stressful sometimes. I remember last night where I had to deal with 3 different calls at the same time. It is crazy BUT I love ministering to the missionaries. Everything out here is indeed stretching me. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve!

So many things that I want to share with y'all, can't wait to share it with y'all soon. See ya!

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission