Wednesday, December 28, 2016

HK 96 Light Up The World.

Merry Christmas!

Last week was really great, had a great week lighting up the world!

Last week we had a great Christmas yesterday! We went to church and celebrated Christmas! Chen DiXiong got confirmed yesterday so that was pretty special! He loves church! Although he is really shy his heart is full of love and charity towards the people around him. He will be a great member!

We visited 2 families yesterday. The Liang's and the Nash's. Good family and good food! We had turkey for both meals, so good! Yesterday was probably a really memorable Christmas. We had a secret Santa going on in our apartment, I got Doritos and a golden State jersey. That was pretty fun. I got Elder Evans a shirt with a cat wearing the Christmas hat. He loved it as well. The spirit of Christmas was really great as we were sharing with people.

We had a fun time singing on the streets of Tsim Tsa Tsui. We found a great place to sing and we sang a lot of Christmas hymns. It was really fun because the mainlanders were just all over! They crowded us and started taking pictures. They even came and started singing with us. Pretty funny! The mission really does put you out there...

The work is great. Elder Woolley is a great companion. What a great blessing it is to work with this fella. We have such great unity and we've seen so much miracles! I remember last year we would talk a lot about being companions again and we got what we prayed for and what we wanted. We did exert faith into the work though. We are having so much fun seeing Heavenly Father change the lives of people for the better even the better, best!

I love this gospel. I am grateful for hope that the gospel brings. I know that my Redeemer lives. I really do!

See you, have a merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year!

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission

Monday, December 12, 2016

HK 94 Primary Songs That I Grow Up Listening To.

Hello, last week was a blast! 九龍has been doing really well recently. Elder Woolley and I are receiving referrals from here and there. I am grateful that I am still able to grow and learn from my mission, there really isn't a ceiling for our progression. It really is eternal!

Last week was really busy, probably the busiest week of my life! No chill! We have been doing really well with juggling the many responsibilities we have with missionary work! It was a blessing to meet with most of our investigators. It was a pleasure to see them grow from the gospel.

My man Kevin has been progressing a lot recently. The biggest change I have seen overnight on my mission. Usually Kevin would talk about random stuff with us and doesn't really seem to have sincere interest to learn. He called us the other day about how he wants to be a better person and that he will do everything to change his life and to feel happy. He has been reading his scriptures and he has praying too. All he has to do now is to come to church to meet the members. I think it will be great to bring members to the lessons now that he has toned down. I am excited for him, Christ's gospel definitely brings eternal hope and happiness into our lives. It has been great privilege to witness how the gospel can change people if they choose to.

We had Chen 弟兄 and Lai 弟兄 come to church. Chen弟兄's date is for next week but we have to move it back because we haven't taught him all the lessons yet so hopefully next week will be a done deal! Christmas! Lai 弟兄 had a great time at church as well. Although he really didn't understand anything, I am pretty impressed of how sincere he was in listening to the people. He has been progressing a lot as well!

We had a great Christmas party! 維多利亞3 分會 organized a really great party. The kids loved it as they saw Santa come in. Boris was Santa and he did a great job of being Santa, who knew santa was chinese ^^. Scot was the M.C as well, I am pretty impressed with his boldness in public speaking. He loves it, I am excited for his potential as a leader in the church. It was a great time to get to know the members and together celebrate christmas! It was awesome to see some investigators come, they had fun!

I remember it was around this time last year when the primary was singing hymns and bearing their testimonies. Last Sunday, the Primary did that thing again and I truly felt the spirit again. They sang the primary songs that I grew up listening to. That spirit that those children brought was amazing. Everyone can bring the spirit in!

This week, I pondered a lot about how the gospel is here to bring positive forces into the world. If the gospel doesn't change your nature and your action then it is useless. But it does! If we truly follow the Saviors example we can be changed. The Christmas Initiative this year is all about service. We had a great lesson in elders quorum class yesterday about service. It was a great reminder that when the savior came to earth all he did was serving the people around him. We probably can't give an instance when the savior didn't serve. Brother James gave a really good thought about empathy and compassion. A lot of us have sincere empathy for all the people who are struggling with their personal challenges but not a lot of us show compassion which is the action you take after have empathy for them. That was a great reminder for me that we have to go out and take some action! Regardless of the service being small or big we can learn and grow from it because the Savior did the same thing. So I really felt great about that lesson, now I have to put in more action. That lesson was an answer to my prayer

I do know that Heavenly Father does answer our prayers. I have learned a lot on my mission about the importance of sincerely Praying to him and taking action with the promptings received. I know that He loves each and everyone of us. He listens to us all the time, he really does!

I hope ya'll have a great week ahead! See ya!

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

HK 93 Christmas Around The Corner.


It has been an amazing time here in the office working with Elder Woolley. We are able to balance the work in the office with fulfilling our purpose as missionaries. My testimony was definitely tested and strengthened as we go out more and do more proselyting work. Pretty awesome! I love how spiritual our lessons are as we teach our investigators according to our needs. Elder Woolley and I have been seeing a tremendous success in building great relationships with our investigators. Teaching our investigators is so much easier as it became a discussion instead of a pushing doctrine down the throat of people. I love feeling the spirit during lessons, it comes in different ways! It may come directly to you or to your companion or the member and even the investigators.

As Elder Woolley and I were teaching Lai D.X.,who has very little background like the rest of the mainlanders, we taught him using analogies we have never thought of before. We taught him through using analogies from his work,the chinese culture, politics that he brings up. Pretty fun, we had to ask a million questions to try to get to know him. He has opened up a ton since the first time we have met him and it seems to me that he has a deep desire to learn more of the Savior. He works for some window company that installs windows into buildings. Elder Woolley pulled a really good analogy as he shared a powerful analogy about dirty windows and windows that has to be cleansed. Through the analogy Lai D.X understood pretty clearly about the importance of Baptism. He is doing pretty well and we are hoping that he starts coming to church pretty soon.

A lot of our investigators are doing really well. Guo D.X has been doing good things! We weren't able to visit this week because of the continuing pain that he has been feeling recently in his mouth. It is funny because him having to go through some medical process has been a blessing because the doctor told him not to go out and drink with his friends. BLESSING IN DISGUISE! But it is restricting him to attend 3 hours of church because he has to go and see the doctors. Well we shall see what happens. At least we have a fellowshipper who can follow up on him. I am excited, his baptism will be in two weeks! It will be great to see Heavenly Father pulling up for some buzzer beaters to help the man be fully ready for his baptism! Miracles are for real!

I went on exchanges this week with my dear Californian friend Elder Smith. We had a great time together, we were suppose to teach 4 lessons but then 3 of them cancelled but we managed to get 2 that night. He has so much enthusiasm and fire for the work, he reminds me a lot of when I just started. We had a great talk as we ended our night. He asked a lot of questions in terms of doing the work. I remember when I just started I loved asking all the older missionaries about the different things they do in terms of finding and teaching. That was a fun experience, it was awesome to see a young missionary with a big desire to serve the Lord!

Church was amazing! 維多利亞三分會is full of wonderful teachers. I was really touched by the spirit. I love the process of getting sanctified as we partake of the sacrament and after that we get to learn in church through the spirit. I am always edified by the examples and the powerful lessons that the members would give. Brother James gave his famous plan of salvation lesson which never gets old as well as a great lesson about hope from President Huang!

I am loving the experience. It never gets old! I truly know that Jesus is the Savior. I am grateful that at this season we can celebrate His birth. I am grateful for the birth of our Savior, it was a sign of hope and peace for all the worlds. I am grateful for the immense power of the spirit that the scripture brings as we read accounts of His ministry. I know that the church is true! I am grateful for the Love that radiates from people who truly follow him. Have a great week! 

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

HK 92 Thanksgiving Day.

This week was an awesome week! I think we were able to balance office work and proselyting again. It's been great to see miracles again and just seeing people learn and grow has been a great experience. We have developed great relationships with our investigators and members. They all seem to like us, I know that it is because of the Love that we have for the gospel and the spirit of love radiating. I love the members and investigators so much. It has been great to be able to learn the culture!

Okay, so our investigators are doing really well except for a couple but it is normal. Last week we had one of the most powerful lessons with ChenGuoWu dixiong, we brought a member with us. Elder Woolley, Guo Dixiong, and I taught with such great unity. ChenGuoWu was like a punching bag as we bore our testimonies and taught him with power and authority. It was awesome because there was no pauses, everyone was listening to each other and even the investigator would start sharing his thoughts as we were teaching him. It was basically a discussion! Pretty awesome. ChenGuoWu dixiong came to church in wanchai for weeks in a row. We are excited for his progress and we feel that he will be able to hit his date on the 18th of December. Exciting. It was great for our member, GuoDixiong, as well. The last two weeks he was struggling with faith and hope. He kind of lost the light. But he quickly chose to repent after sharing about how we can choose our destiny. That night we were originally suppose to go in with out any member presents because he said he had to help a friend out. After realizing that it was too cold and it was too rainy to go around Hong Kong he said that he had a feeling to call us and help us out with the lesson. The lesson ended well as he bore his powerful thoughts and testimony, he told us that he felt so happy and maybe for the first time he was able to recognize the spirit. It was awesome! He even brought a friend to yesterdays activity. Oh, I am grateful!

Livia the wife of Max is great too. We weren't able to teach her the last 3 weeks because of her being busy. But she goes to Church and Max is doing a great job of supporting. I believe that the right time will come. She has great faith, all she needs to do is to take that leap of faith. Likewise for Lyn, Scots wife. She has been listening and attending church regularly. I think time will come as well that a message in church will cause her to act. She seems to like church too especially recently the kids are joining a lot of church activities. Great part family members. President Zhou is working on it.

I learned so much this morning from President Monsons talk about obedience. D&C 1:39"Behold, and lo, the Lord is God, and the Spirit beareth record, and the record is true, and the truth abideth forever and ever". I really like how the last words says the truth abideth forever and ever. Although truth can be lost but truth is always there. It strengthens my testimony to think that Christ birth and ministry here on earth is still impacting the lives of people. It must be true if it is sticking around this long. Truth is indeed eternal.Doctrine and Covenants 93:24, 26–28.
Truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come.“The Spirit of truth is of God. …
“And no man receiveth a fulness unless he keepeth his commandments.“He that keepeth [God’s] commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things.” The spirit teaches us what to do. through obedience we can continue to learn and grow. As we are obedient we can have the constant companionship of the HolyGhost. It was a great reminder for me.

Christmas is coming up! The Church Came out with such a great and inspiring video! Watch it! Let us light the world up as we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

HK 90 Fast And Slow.

Hello! Last week was a killer. It went by pretty fast and slow at the same time. I am glad that things ended really well tho.

Last spent a whole day helping people move to their newly rented apartments. It was pretty tiring as we had to move all furniture from one house to another. That day was pretty sore as we were carrying beds, study tables, dressers and more heavy stuff. It was fun and at the same time stressful as we were always lost during the ride. Well, it was still fun. I think it strengthened our relationship with the office elders.

Our investigators last week were all busy and cancelled us last week so we weren't able to teach them but we did our best in following up. We met with our 70 year old friend LiJiu though. Really cute old man. He calls us ELDAAAA. He loves the church and is willing to be a member of it but hasn't really made the decision yet to fully follow Christ as he has some personal issues. He sits in his little office all day and he said it is sometimes a pain. We talked about his love for music and we decided that we would give him a mormon tabernacle choir disc for him to listen. The old man expressed his thanks in such a funny way. "Ooooh Eldaaaaa, Thank you Eldaaaa". I love that old dude. I just have so much hope for these old people in the next life. Planting seeds!

We have some new mandarin missionaries coming this week. We are excited to help them out again. It will be another great experience.

With our branch, we have a new branch president. Andy Chou is now our new branch President. I am excited with the new direction that he will bring.

Working with President Lam has been fun. He is indeed an inspired man. Things always makes sense after a few weeks of the decision that he has made. I am grateful for the opportunity.

We also had a musical talent show yesterday for Sham Shui Po ward. There were a lot of gifted pianist and violinist that came and performed. As missionaries we sang an A Cappella version of High on the Mountain top. It was a fun activity.

I hope all of you have a great week! There is so much more to learn everyday. I was watching a video of a man talking about his life story and figured what he should do with his life by a big question. Will it matter in a thousand years? So, are the things that you are doing gonna matter in a thousand years?

I know that the Savior lives, He is indeed the greatest gift. I know that through Him we receive hope and light for darker days. The atonement is real. It is the lifeblood of this church. Without it, everything will fall. I love Him.

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission