Tuesday, November 15, 2016

HK 90 Fast And Slow.

Hello! Last week was a killer. It went by pretty fast and slow at the same time. I am glad that things ended really well tho.

Last spent a whole day helping people move to their newly rented apartments. It was pretty tiring as we had to move all furniture from one house to another. That day was pretty sore as we were carrying beds, study tables, dressers and more heavy stuff. It was fun and at the same time stressful as we were always lost during the ride. Well, it was still fun. I think it strengthened our relationship with the office elders.

Our investigators last week were all busy and cancelled us last week so we weren't able to teach them but we did our best in following up. We met with our 70 year old friend LiJiu though. Really cute old man. He calls us ELDAAAA. He loves the church and is willing to be a member of it but hasn't really made the decision yet to fully follow Christ as he has some personal issues. He sits in his little office all day and he said it is sometimes a pain. We talked about his love for music and we decided that we would give him a mormon tabernacle choir disc for him to listen. The old man expressed his thanks in such a funny way. "Ooooh Eldaaaaa, Thank you Eldaaaa". I love that old dude. I just have so much hope for these old people in the next life. Planting seeds!

We have some new mandarin missionaries coming this week. We are excited to help them out again. It will be another great experience.

With our branch, we have a new branch president. Andy Chou is now our new branch President. I am excited with the new direction that he will bring.

Working with President Lam has been fun. He is indeed an inspired man. Things always makes sense after a few weeks of the decision that he has made. I am grateful for the opportunity.

We also had a musical talent show yesterday for Sham Shui Po ward. There were a lot of gifted pianist and violinist that came and performed. As missionaries we sang an A Cappella version of High on the Mountain top. It was a fun activity.

I hope all of you have a great week! There is so much more to learn everyday. I was watching a video of a man talking about his life story and figured what he should do with his life by a big question. Will it matter in a thousand years? So, are the things that you are doing gonna matter in a thousand years?

I know that the Savior lives, He is indeed the greatest gift. I know that through Him we receive hope and light for darker days. The atonement is real. It is the lifeblood of this church. Without it, everything will fall. I love Him.

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission