Tuesday, December 6, 2016

HK 93 Christmas Around The Corner.


It has been an amazing time here in the office working with Elder Woolley. We are able to balance the work in the office with fulfilling our purpose as missionaries. My testimony was definitely tested and strengthened as we go out more and do more proselyting work. Pretty awesome! I love how spiritual our lessons are as we teach our investigators according to our needs. Elder Woolley and I have been seeing a tremendous success in building great relationships with our investigators. Teaching our investigators is so much easier as it became a discussion instead of a pushing doctrine down the throat of people. I love feeling the spirit during lessons, it comes in different ways! It may come directly to you or to your companion or the member and even the investigators.

As Elder Woolley and I were teaching Lai D.X.,who has very little background like the rest of the mainlanders, we taught him using analogies we have never thought of before. We taught him through using analogies from his work,the chinese culture, politics that he brings up. Pretty fun, we had to ask a million questions to try to get to know him. He has opened up a ton since the first time we have met him and it seems to me that he has a deep desire to learn more of the Savior. He works for some window company that installs windows into buildings. Elder Woolley pulled a really good analogy as he shared a powerful analogy about dirty windows and windows that has to be cleansed. Through the analogy Lai D.X understood pretty clearly about the importance of Baptism. He is doing pretty well and we are hoping that he starts coming to church pretty soon.

A lot of our investigators are doing really well. Guo D.X has been doing good things! We weren't able to visit this week because of the continuing pain that he has been feeling recently in his mouth. It is funny because him having to go through some medical process has been a blessing because the doctor told him not to go out and drink with his friends. BLESSING IN DISGUISE! But it is restricting him to attend 3 hours of church because he has to go and see the doctors. Well we shall see what happens. At least we have a fellowshipper who can follow up on him. I am excited, his baptism will be in two weeks! It will be great to see Heavenly Father pulling up for some buzzer beaters to help the man be fully ready for his baptism! Miracles are for real!

I went on exchanges this week with my dear Californian friend Elder Smith. We had a great time together, we were suppose to teach 4 lessons but then 3 of them cancelled but we managed to get 2 that night. He has so much enthusiasm and fire for the work, he reminds me a lot of when I just started. We had a great talk as we ended our night. He asked a lot of questions in terms of doing the work. I remember when I just started I loved asking all the older missionaries about the different things they do in terms of finding and teaching. That was a fun experience, it was awesome to see a young missionary with a big desire to serve the Lord!

Church was amazing! 維多利亞三分會is full of wonderful teachers. I was really touched by the spirit. I love the process of getting sanctified as we partake of the sacrament and after that we get to learn in church through the spirit. I am always edified by the examples and the powerful lessons that the members would give. Brother James gave his famous plan of salvation lesson which never gets old as well as a great lesson about hope from President Huang!

I am loving the experience. It never gets old! I truly know that Jesus is the Savior. I am grateful that at this season we can celebrate His birth. I am grateful for the birth of our Savior, it was a sign of hope and peace for all the worlds. I am grateful for the immense power of the spirit that the scripture brings as we read accounts of His ministry. I know that the church is true! I am grateful for the Love that radiates from people who truly follow him. Have a great week! 

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission