Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HK 16 Repentance And Progress In The Christian Life

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Its been another good week. What was good was we were able to help 2 sisters from Beijing China receive baptism. Its pretty miraculous. Almost every main lander I taught came in, prepared. The spirit is always strong whenever I teach main-landers. We didn't do a lot of finding this week because we had a lot of lessons (YEAH!). Our golden investigator Richard found a job in Hong Kong. He has a really strong testimony right now. He went back to Beijing yesterday to get some requirements. He wont be back til the 19th of July. What was cool was he said " When I get back, get me baptized." Its pretty awesome!  

Also went on splits this week. Spent a day with Elder Shukis. He has been out 11 months now so it was fun working with him. One thing I focused this week was dropped investigators ( Investigators whom we haven't met for a long time) I was able to call a bunch and scheduled some. Sometimes there is this thing called timing. I just read the letter my dad gave me about his conversion story. He was a pretty hard investigator took him 7-8 months before he got baptized. So dropped investigators are still important. You just never know when there time is. 

I've been learning a lot lately. Repent and Progress! Have a great week

Elder Sy

Tomorrow is transfer day. I doubt that one of us is moving haha! I think he will end his mission with me ahah! Anyways the mission is closing some areas cos of the lack of missionaries. President Hawks is sending missionaries a month before than when they are supposed to because he wants Everything to be smooth for President Lam. So the mission will be pretty young on august. There are 50 missionaries coming in from august to October.

Its so hot in Hong Kong
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