Wednesday, March 16, 2016

HK 55 Great Week Of Work And Focus.

On Mar. 14 , 2016 at 12:29 PM Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Great week of work! This work is awesome!

This week we were able to sit down and talk with President Lam. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to sit down with him and get to know each other more. He is such a great man, full of charity. We talked about how I can improve on being a better missionary. He offered a beautiful prayer as well. Everything he said was just what I needed to continue working hard.

This week was great, although there were disappointing that happened (like investigators not keeping commitments) we still worked hard and prayed hard. Although it was hard we were still able to bring Scott and his family to church. Such a cute family, their kids are just so cute! The magic trick I show to kids never fail, they love it! There's just lots of cute kids in the branch, so much potential for the growth of the branch. Shi xian sheng came as well. Pretty funny, he just loves singing and always sings in the middle of class. We are working really hard with this old man. A lot of work to do with this fella. 

During finding this week, I had an impression to do welcome center finding, its were we stand outside the Wan Chai chapel and do some street contact. It actually happened twice this week. As we were doing it one time, we were able to bring this man from Shang Hai in and we taught him the restoration and bore a powerful testimony. That was a tender mercy. Another one was when dinner was about to come. We only had 10 minutes left. I was tempted to just start dinner early but then I decided to just finish the last 10 minutes. As we continued a woman came up to us cause she wanted a tour of the chapel. We gave her a tour ( apparently she met some missionaries in the train but didnt get a hold of them). We gave her a tour and testified about the fullness of  the gospel of Jesus Christ is once again restored. Awesome experience. 

This week I really did my best to focus on the work. Pretty tough cos I've been thinking about the future recently. I got really scared but I prayed for the strength to overcome this challenge. Cool thing is how last week I was able to focus a lot. I was dreaming about missionary work every night last week, I've been praying while taking a shower, eating and all. So I am grateful that Heavenly Father gave me the strength to stay consecrated. 

Something I learned this week is about how we are all bound to fall. On my mission I've seen a pattern on things like prayer. Most of the time I can concentrate on my prayer but there are just times when I get to complacent with it and don't focus. The thing I have learned is as soon as we fall we should get back up really quickly cos if we continue being complacent we will end up in a deep pit. So as soon as we realize we are getting too relaxed on some things, we have to quickly repent. 

I love the gospel. Lots of things that I have learned. I am so grateful for the enabling power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. I love partaking the sacrament with members every week. It really is an expression of the willingness to continue to follow the Fathers command. I am grateful to be a missionary out here. See you all! have a great week!

Elder Sy 
China Hong Kong Mission 
2014 - 2016