Monday, August 31, 2015

HK 27.. It's Been A Hard Day's Night

On Monday, August 31,2015, 12:35 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello! Its been another great week! I definitely learned something this week. It was a really tough week for me. This week I was really disappointed because I thought we were set to have a really great week. Since everyone was really busy, we scheduled all our investigators on friday and saturday. When Friday and Saturday came, almost everyone on them canceled. Finding this week was really tough as well, we did all we could to stop someone but no one seems to care.

I was reflecting and pondering on why we had that kind of a week. I guess God just wants to test my faith as a missionary. It was probably the hardest week I had on my mission so far. I was once again humbled down. I am so grateful for the many experience I get to go through for me to become a better person.

Elder Woolley and I has been doing great as a companionship so far. I am glad I am able to get a long with this guy really well! We have a lot in common! It just takes the pressure off as a trainer.

Hong Kong has been pretty awesome so far. The weather this week was great, it wasn't that hot! I love the PoPos and SicSics in here. They are the funniest!  When we go night finding around Shatin we would always meet this interesting old man, we were able to meet him twice this week. Its funny cos every time we meet him we always say " Maybe God wants you to start praying". Every time we would meet him we would always invite him to pray.

Its been really great, time has been pretty fast! I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn from my mission. I know Heavenly Father loves each one of us. I know that Christ lives. See ya next week. Have a great week.

Elder Sy

                                      ELDER SY
(薛 長 老)
China Hong Kong Mission
 2014 - 2016

In bishops house. biggest house in Hong Kong ha-ha!

English class

This moth was with me the whole night last week.

Richards Baptism:
Dear Elder SY
 Please find my baptism photos in the attachment.  
Don’t forget to send me our photos which were token on that day we movement.


Your best friend
Richard Tse

Sights And Sounds Of HK 27