Monday, August 17, 2015

HK 25 Ascending Together

On Monday, August 17,2015, 12:32 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello! Wow, it has been another great week. I really anticipated this week because I knew I was gonna train. I was really nervous at first because I feel so inadequate but then I felt the assurance from Heavenly Father that I am ready to lead and train. So yes, as predicted from my dad, my new companion is Elder Woolley. Elder Woolley is from Denver Colorado. He is also 19 and went to BYU for a year. He is a really amazing person, he actually came in pre-trained to be honest. That just shakes off the pressure of training him. I have been impressed with his mandarin too, he has great mandarin even though he only studied it for 9 weeks. I guess it runs in the blood because he is half-chinese. 

So I am training him in Tolo Harbor south! It is crazy how I got trained here and I am also training him here. So right now we are back in the sha tin apartment, the smell just brings back memories of my first day in Hong Kong so its kinda tough but I am okay with it. 

So Elder Woolley and I are "opening this area". We are starting from scratch here, no investigators. So we are gonna find the people we have to find! Our finding has been really great, we were able to get a lot of numbers from the people on the street. We are also teaching a lot of people right on the street as well as people in the MTR. Before Elder Woolley came in I had the fear of talking to people in the MTR, but since he got here I have been talking a lot more to set myself as an example. So I am really grateful for that because it helps me to go out of my shell!

This week, we were able to half a great opportunity to help Richard move to his new house. It almost took us the whole day to do it because it was so far. It was fun because we were just drenched by the rain, plus we were carrying heavy stuff so it was kind of hard but it was fun! After helping him move we turned him over to the Kowloon Elders. I am grateful to be able to help Richard come unto Christ. It was such a great opportunity to know him and invite him to develop faith in Christ. He will be baptized in the 30th, I am excited for him. I hope I can witness it.   

Awesome week! I am excited for more miracles to come! Love you!

Elder Sy

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