Tuesday, August 9, 2016

HK 76 Four Months To Go.

Hey there! So much things that I have learned again! I am so grateful that I have been learning a ton of valuable lessons out here. Great lessons are definitely caught, so it is really important to open your mind and be focus through out the day. It is crazy. I've been really tired recently but it's amazing how there is just enough energy to go through the day. 3

So last week we were able to teach our long time investigator Tony again. He is really on the right track. We bore our sincere testimony together with Roger. Members are so important! I know that during lesson, everyone is being edified by the spirit. Even us as missionaries. I have so much hope for Tony. I know that the time will come when things will just click in his mind.

Another miracle is David. He finally came back from France. I called him almost everyday from the start of august because I remembered that he was coming back. So grateful that we were able to get a hold of him. We taught him yesterday and I see that he has a stronger desire to follow Christ. We gave him a baptismal date and we are hoping that he would sincerely do the commitments so that he could develop his faith.

Mission Leadership Council was awesome too! It was filled with the spirit and it is amazing how we have learned a lot of things as to how we can help the mission improve. We talked about Faith in our prayers and in finding people to teach. We came to a conclusion about how important it is to always have Faith Hope and Charity. It was a great discussion. We received a lot of direction from MLC and we are excited to have a zone meeting with the zone.

So this year the Prophets have counselled us to do member missionary work and I think Elder Johnson and I have gained the skill of how we can do member missionary work. The spirit really guided us with a lot of ideas about how we can help members fulfill their purposes. I think its cool that we have been seeing a lot of miracles from it recently.

Something that hit me during church yesterday was the topic about temples. Brother James bore his powerful testimony of the temple he gave a great analogy about how he went hiking the other day and how often the scriptures say that mountains are reffered as the temples. Up on the mountain top, we can definitely see a better view of the city and see things clearly as they are. The temples are definitely the same. I have learned so much about the role of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in this world. Experiences in the temple are such a big part of my testimony. I can still picture in my mind how I saw Brent and I together with mom and dad looking at the mirrors in the temple. Families can really be together forever. I also remember the first time I recognized the spirit. It was when the temple in Cebu was dedicated. I remember after President Monson dedicated it and the whole congregation started singing The Spirit of God, I felt the spirit enter the Temple. My bosom was definitely burning. It felt like all the elements in my body rejoiced. I felt it from head to toe. It was amazing. I am so grateful for the restoration. I know that the priesthood is once again restored and it brings to much blessings! I am so grateful for the savior in my life. He really does understand everything that we go through. I know that He lives!
Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission