Monday, January 4, 2016

HK 45 The Time Has Now Come To Turn About And Face The Future.

On January 4 , 2016 at 1:00 PM Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Awesome week. Man, time is fast! Another year has come. New years was pretty normal. Good thing was getting a good sleep on New Years eve, ha! Greeted all the people a happy new year. Well the real new year here in Hong Kong is around February so that's probably when things will get crazy.  This week was interesting, focused more on finding and recent converts as our investigator went back to mainland for the holiday. It was awesome to be able to meet our recent converts and see how they are spiritually. Learned a few things from my companion as well.

This week we were able to meet with Alan. We watched the video about Lots wife. Probably shared this with you guys last year but yeah! Lot and his family were commanded to leave the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. They were told to leave that city with out looking back. As they were leaving, Lots wife looked around and turned into a pillar of salt. DON'T LOOK BACK! Its a new year! So we gave Alan a card and at the back of the card are his goals for the whole year. We shared with him that its another time to reflect and see how we can improve for the year 2016. Well sometimes after the month of January we forget the goals we have, we have to be constantly reminded about the goals we have set. Then we shared the important story of the rich young man asking Jesus " What Lack I yet". We invited him to be constantly asking heavenly father, what lack I yet? That was a super good lesson. So you know what I invite all of you to think about the lesson that we have shared as well. What is something you have to change for this year? That was a great lesson with Alan. We were able to meet a couple of people. We were able to teach this one dude before he went back to mainland. That was crazy while I was flipping through the old investigator book I was prompted to call him and it turns out the day after that he had to go back to mainland for work. So we taught him about the plan of salvation and I know we have planted something that will germinate in the years to come. We were also able to teach a couple of families. We taught the restoration to them and testified of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. That was a privilege, because after teaching that one family another family walked in and wanted to see the chapel and we taught a lesson. Main-landers are seeking for spiritual truth. You can just feel the hunger and thirst they have for a belief.

We went finding this week. It was fun! We had the positive attitude and we were able to teach a lot of people of the streets. Finding was fun, most of the people we contacted were locals tho so we have to turn them over to the other elders. Nonetheless its all the same work. Its been a ride out here relying on the Lords strength to find His prepared people and having the strength to stop people and testify to them about something they've never heard before.

This week during companionship study with Elder Forston. He shared a really interesting thought about how we rely on the strength of the atoning sacrifice of out savior. It was a talk from Elder Bednar. Talking about how our faith can give us the Strength to overcome our weaknesses. One episode from the book of Mormon would be nephi asking strength from the Lord that he can break the bands which were binding him. We see that he didn't as that the bands would all of a sudden break but he asked for the Strength. Pretty cool talk, Elder Bednar gave more stories in that talk. What I learned is we can as the strength from the Lord to do the things that are right. We just have to be humble enough to ask for it.

I know the gospel is true! It is very simple! I know that We have a loving Father in Heaven and he has sent his Son for us. I know families can be together forever!

Elder Sy 
China Hong Kong Mission
2014 - 2016