Monday, January 18, 2016

HK 47 How Will Your Goals Bring You Closer To Christ This Year ?

On January 18 , 2016 at 12:51 PM Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello! Hows it going! Great week of rendering service to the people of Hong Kong and the Main-landers! I am grateful for the many experiences I've had out here.

This week was a test of faith once again! It has been tough recently. We have been working really hard, relying on the spirit, talking with everyone but we haven't found anyone that we could teach. In the midst of it, it was really tough but as I knelt down and talk to Heavenly Father I received a confirming answer that the effort wasn't wasted. I am grateful for the peace that I felt during that day. Prayer is really helpful. I am grateful for the chance to develop that habit out here on a mission. We kneel down and pray almost all the time through out the day. It might feel a bit of a route thing to do sometimes but I try hard to always sincerely pray. That has been a blessing and the peace it brings is precious. 

It was really rainy this week so finding was kind of tough cos almost everyone is indoor. We were able to contact some referrals tho! And we were able to have a new investigator as well. We are excited with him. He is very enthusiastic.  We were able to visit a family in our ward as well. That was a blessing to see their example. Such a good family! It was fun to get to know them more and it was great that we had a good dinner, ha! The branch where I am serving has been doing really good recently. I feel the spirit every time I talk with the members. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve them as well. 

Elder Forston has been doing great. Immersed him with mandarin, so most of the time we are speaking mandarin! Its been helping him a lot. We have been working really hard recently and we are expecting many things from this area. I am grateful that I get to serve my fellow missionaries as well. I was able to go on splits with Elder Mangrobang last week. We were able to do Filipino work together and it was fun that I was able to serve my fellow Filipinos. This week I was able to interview someone who was going to be baptized next week. We had a great time sharing our testimonies. Although my Tagalog isn't good, I tried to bear it in Tagalog. It was fun cos I could see it in her face that she knew I couldn't speak Tagalog. Its like a mix of Tagalog and Cebuano, ha! Hey I have been having a hard time expressing myself in English recently so I am sorry if everything sounds weird. 

For this year we are studying the teachings of President Hunter. I was going through the book and I was interested in the life of the prophet. I am so grateful of their fine example of following the savior Jesus Christ. I know that we have living prophets and they are called as guides for us in these last days. Through them we will know how to be in the world but not of the world. I know the church is true. I know Jesus is the Christ. I know Heavenly Father Loves us so much! He really Does!

Elder Sy 
China Hong Kong Mission 
2014 - 2016