Wednesday, January 27, 2016

HK 48 Freezing Temperatures !

On January 27 , 2016 at 1:19 PM Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello! Last week was awesome! Another humbling experience from God. Learned a lot last week. I have learned to humble myself down in every situation. During the time of many and during the time of abundance, we always have to remember Him through those times. Last week Elder Forston and I worked so hard. We tried to stop everyone, try to testify to as many people we could. It was tough, it was cold, my feet hurts, hands numb, no one would stop but that wasn't gonna stop us from preaching the gospel. Although it we didn't have much "success" last week in finding my heart is at peace because I know I did my best.

Last week I had the chance to go on splits with Elder Grayam in Kowloon Tong. That area is amazing. Everyone I talked to would stop. Finding with him in the park was fun, we were able to teach a couple of mainlanders and bore a powerful testimony about the plan of salvation and prayer. Hopefully the seed we planted would germinate. We did calls as well, I taught Elder Grayam about the importance of the old investigator list. We spent an hour going over those list and we were able to schedule a couple of people and it turns out that one of them wants to join the church. That was a miracle! We also taught a 19 year old kid named Jason. We taught him a great lesson one and invited him for baptism! He accepted it! That was awesome, he is very golden! On the other hand of the exchange Elder Woolley and Forston was able to give out a baptismal date to one of our investigators as well. That was a miracle as well, that was one effective exchange right there.

Our friend Macco is back from mainland, was really impressed with his positive attitude towards the difficult possibilities he has in life. He is a great man, back to square one tho. We are restarting the process once again.

Church last week was awesome. We were able to bring Scott, Ian and Neo to church. Neo and Ian are two new investigators. We hope they are going to progress. Scott has been amazing recently. He is a very humble guy. He went to church despite of some circumstances. He stayed for the whole three hours and he loved it. Member missionary work is very important. Everyone is a missionary, it is important for everyone to fulfill there missionary responsibilities. 

We almost got robbed by some people. Saw a couple of guys trying to talk to people, as they approached us they asked us for a picture of Jesus. How great was that? Thing is it was weird cos they asked us to open our bags cos they want a small picture of Jesus. I opened my proselyting case and flipped through and he told me to keep flipping. I got scared, good thing was there is nothing in our bags, haha. Good thing is we are safe, nothing happened. Glad those two have a picture of Jesus :)

Went running the other day, man I am out of shape! Since it is cold we don't have the chance to go out a lot. Hopefully next week we can play basketball in the cold, ha! Man it really is cold out here.

I am so grateful for all the experiences out here, both spiritual and temporal are eternal blessings to me. I love the Lord. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve him and be His representative in Hong Kong. I am so grateful for the blessings of the restoration. Just got out of the temple, it was great! The spirit in there is awesome. I know the Church is True. I know Christ's church was restored by a young boy with a great question. "which church is true?" I know that Christ lives, he is my savior and my redeemer. He is yours too! I know that Heavenly Father Loves each one of us and has a great blessings inspired for us. All we have to do is keep His commandments. I know that the Holy Ghost is real as well. If we humble ourselves and open our hearts we will be able to feel it. I love you all, I hope you have a great week! See ya!
Elder Sy 
China Hong Kong Mission 
2014 - 2016