Tuesday, December 1, 2015

HK 40 Eyes To See And Ears That Hears.

On November 30, 2015 at 1:30 PM Jayzon Christian Sy <jayzon.sy@myldsmail.net> wrote:

 Hello, hows it going? This week was great! I was able to recover from the flu and I feel better now! This week was pretty interesting. We worked really hard in helping people come unto Christ. 

This week we were able to teach a lot of people. Well, most of the college students are busy so we met with the much older people. This week we were able to work with former investigators. One was a 70ish years old guy. He doesn't understand most of the things that we say because his comprehension is not that great so we just showed him videos and talked about it. We actually played a bit of basketball in the chapel after that, the old man can hoop! We were also able to teach an old investigator, he is from Taiwan and studies here in Hong Kong. He has the same problem as most college student, which is the desire to learn more about God. Most of them just want to hang out. It is kind of understandable because young people just don't care yet. So we are really praying hard that everyone we meet would have the desire to. Finding this week was really good. We were able to find some mandarins but most of them are main-landers. This week I met a woman by the promenade, I talked to her and found out that she just got back from Cebu for vacation. Turned out she was just here for vacation as well but hopefully the flier that I gave her will get her to go to church in the future. You just never know. I am really grateful for the chance to be an instrument here in Hong Kong. I just love God and Jesus Christ. The friendship I make with the people I meet are eternal. This week was once again spiritual. The longer I am out here the more I see my weaknesses which humbles me and reminds me to always rely on the savior. You could say I kind of understand the culture of Hong Kong. Fun thing that happened this week was when we were chased by a dog. Good thing it was a small dog and we were able to out run it. Pretty funny.

I am so grateful for the scriptures. They are very powerful! Reading it with spiritual eyes just makes it so good! I love the Gospel, It really is true! Have a great week.

Elder Sy 
China Hong Kong Mission 

Thanks Giving Day