Monday, December 14, 2015

HK 42 Jesus Christ - Our Only Way to Hope And Joy.

On December 14 , 2015 at 11:45 PM Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

  Hello! Great week once again. I have gained a stronger testimony once again. It was a great week of service and I definitely felt the spirit! This week was really interesting.
This week I gained a testimony about fasting. So 2 weeks ago I started fasting for our investigators, I fasted that I could feel the spirit more and that we could have a baptism. So this week I was reminded that sometimes we have to wait for our answers and that we have to exert our effort into our prayers. So this week I was able to feel the spirit more. As we had our Christmas party, I just had a happy feeling inside which I couldn't explain. The feeling actually lasted quite a while, during Sundays sacrament service I felt it as well. Crazy, I am actually having the same type of feeling right now. So after sacrament service one of the members introduced us to her son who actually took all the missionary lessons already. So we reviewed all the lessons and he is a smart kid and understands the gospel really well. So yeah, we are having a baptismal service for him on the 27th of December. So yeah, I think the things that had happen the past three days has been an answer to my prayers. I have learned for myself once again. 

Christmas party was awesome! We were able to bring a couple of investigators and they loved the program and of course the food as well. The missionaries actually acted out a play. We did a play about "The Grinch" I was Max in the story. If you don't know who he is go check out the cartoon. It is funny. There are tons of kids in the branch and they are very cute. It was a really grate time to gather and celebrate the birth of out savior.

After Christmas party we headed to HKU to help a guy who told us to bring food. At first I felt really bothered cos the guy is kind of mentally challenged and I thought I would be wasting time. But as I was thinking about it during the train, I thought of what Christ would do. Christ would administer to anyone in need. So we went anyway and we gave him food and shared a message about Christ. After leaving I felt the confirmation from the spirit that we did the right thing. So that was a good experience.

Cool experiences this week was when we were walking by the pier, a gust of wind blew and heavy rain came afterwards. It broke my umbrella in not even a second and we were soaking wet. Elder Forston loved the experience because they dont really have rain in California. So that was pretty funny but I was kinda scared tho, ha! So during the Christmas party, they invited the investigators to go up and introduce themselves. So we let Shi yeye go up and guess what. He asked if he could sing!! So he started singing with his ancient voice and the members loved it! He actually put on a show. 

Really great week, We had transfer calls last night. So Elder Forston and I are staying. I am given another opportunity to serve my fellow missionaries once again. I am called to become a Zone Leader for the zone. It is kind of scary but I guess this is another opportunity for me to grow and serve. 

I know the gospel is true. This church is perfect. I know that Christ lives, I also know that Heavenly Father really does love everyone. He really does. 

Elder Sy 
China Hong Kong Mission 
2014 - 2016

Elder Forston's parents sent some gifts for me as well.

Master Chef

Frenchman in Hong Kong.


An Investigator we teach from Fu Jian. 福建.

I played Max in the play called "The Grinch"

Chinese Pizza.