Monday, December 21, 2015

HK 43 Merry Christmas Everyone !

On December 21 , 2015 at 11:15 AM Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello how is everyone?

Grateful for the opportunity to once again share some experiences I have had out here on the field. This week was really busy. For some reason we had tons of lessons and appointments. So we had to run around the island. I was exhausted yesterday as well, because I had to do some zone leader things. Pretty busy but hey, it is stretching me! What a great opportunity to learn.  

Hmm, this week we were able to help a couple of Main-landers learn more about the gospel and baptized them as well. Once again that experience has strengthened my testimony. They are just super humble and they always come down with a willing heart. We were also able to meet some of our investigators this week. Most of them are free now because tests just ended. So this week hopefully we would be able to find people and teach them about Christ. It will probably be a really good week because its Christmas week and it will be a great time to testify about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We were able to meet with our 70+ year old investigator this week. We tried to teach him by showing him pictures and asking him to explain to us what he sees. Well in the end it didn't work, ha! So we are trying to be patient and we are trying to find different ways on teaching this guy. Ryan has been doing well. He passed the baptismal interview, so he will be baptized next week. The work has been picking up recently, we hope we can continue having faith and continue working hard. This week I was able to see Elder Woolley as well. It was great seeing him and seeing him grow is great. He is now the senior companion and a district leader. My very powerful trainee.

I was reading D&C 46 this morning and it talked about the gifts of the spirit. We are all given talents for our own benefit. It is our duty to discover it and develop those talents for our own good.  I invite everyone to ponder on what talents they have that they could use in helping God establish his kingdom here on earth. 

I am so grateful I chose to serve on a mission. I have learned a lot. I have come to know how God really does exist. He is literally our father in Heaven. He loves each one of us and has a divine plan for us. I really know Christ lives as well. The power of His atonement really does enable us to do many things. I know that the power of the Holy Ghost is real as well. Through Him we will be able to know the truthfulness of all things. I really know these things are true. Merry Christmas everyone !
Elder Sy 
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