Monday, July 6, 2015

HK 19 The Unpaid Ministry

On Monday, July 6,2015, 2015 11:31 AM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hey there,
This week went by really fast. Elder Shukis and I are just out there all the time! We are having a really great time together as a companionship. We are learning a lot from each other. He has taught me a lot too. I love his conversion story. Elder Shukis was a convert 2 years ago. He was an atheist before being a member. He started going to church when he was 16 for a scouting activity. He became interested in the church because he heard that the church is an unpaid ministry. He was touched by the people serving the church without anything in return. Eventually he got baptized and he is now out here spreading the gospel. A really cool story. He is a cool guy, I am  learning a lot from him.
This week we were all over the place, appointments to appointments. We didn't have a lot of finding time this week because sometimes it takes an Hour to get to appointments. We had exchanges this week, I went to MaOnShan with Elder Liew and did Cantonese work. It was hard cos I cant speak Cantonese at all, all I can say is "O hai Sit Jeung Lau", "O hai FeiLitBan Leigei", "O hai gauuwei gei yigong." "Mm Sik Kong Kuantongwa". That's all I can say, just that! It is enough to get someones number though haha. Anyway President Hawks left this week. So we have a new president now, President Lam! Its gonna be exciting how the mission is gonna be. One thing is for sure tho, everyone is still gonna work hard and be exactly obedient. Elder Shukis and I are doing a lot of role plays during companion study. We are trying to become good teachers. Sometimes its hard cos to be honest I am not good in teaching! Sometimes I just feel like I am the worst teacher after doing role plays, but then I've realized its just like basketball. It takes repitition to learn and master something. So its been great for me, I know what it takes all I have to do is DO IT. 
Its July. Don't forget to say Happy Birthday to Brent and Reese. I am loving it out here. I am having fun seeing miracles all the time. What a great time it is to drop the bad habbits out here on the mission. I know the Church is true. I know that God has a plan for each one of us. I know the atonement of Christ enables us to make our weeknesses as our strengths. I know God is just a prayer away.
Elder Sy

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