Monday, July 20, 2015

HK 21 Causeway Bay Trip Advisor

On Monday, July 20,2015, 2015 11:27 AM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello Everyone! 

What a week for finding! Almost all our investigators this week canceled the appointment because they had to do something else. Its rough cos one of our investigators went back to China. Another went home but he'll be back in 5 days! Great thing is Richard is back! As we were contacting people on the street the other day, he pat me in the back and said " I am back!" Super funny, I am so excited to be working with him again! 

We were only able to teach two full lessons this week. We taught Li yeye and Zhu yeye, both are super cute old people. Li yeye is the best, every time we visit him he always gives us watermelon. Last visit he gave us watermelon and dragon fruit, super nice! He is a really good old guy, he is 80 years old now, and he is taking care of his wife who is currently suffering from Alzheimer. Li nai nai is super cute too! We always find a way to make her laugh, it touches my heart cos I can see the joy of Li yeye whenever he sees Li nai nai laughing with us. Zhu yeye is super cute too! It was funny cos we did a turnover lesson for him cos we thought his mother tongue is Cantonese, it was weird tho cos as we were teaching the lesson he said mandarin is better. Super funny. He is very sincere, he said he wants to learn about Jesus because he wants help. Super humble guy. 

We also focused in giving calls this week. We were able to schedule three people for this week, super sweet! Can't wait to meet with them. I am also excited for Richard! 

Once again through missionary work I have brought myself unto Christ. I am so grateful for what the gospel brings. I really know that God has once again restored his gospel. Means a lot to me. Really does. I know the Atonement of Christ can enable us to do things that we cant do. I know He lives :)

Don't forget! It's my birthday on the 25th! 

Elder Sy

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Went on exchanges with My Zone Leader Elder Cederlof, super cool guy

Got my Call! haha!