Monday, July 13, 2015

HK 20 Quick Week

On Monday, July 13,2015, 2015 10:28 AM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hey! How's it going!

Last week was super quick. Elder Shukis and I have been doing great things lately. The reason why this week is so quick is probably because we have been visiting a lot of people. 

We were able to do service this week. First time on my mission, its really rare to have service opportunities. We helped an investigator move from Fenling to HungHom. It was fun! It took too long tho, we had to run going to Yuen Long cos we had a lesson. We currently have 2 investigators in Yuen Long. Yuen long is a 45 minute bus ride from DaiPo. So its kinda tiring sometimes, the thing is both of them are really good so the 45 minutes bus ride is worth it. Oh yeah, we've been eating TamZai a lot lately. It is a good place for noodles, recently we ordered the spiciest meal TamZai has to offer. It was really spicy I was dying! Elder Shukis Handled it tho.

This was a really good week. We were able to teach 7 lessons to investigators. They were really spiritual. Its always the best feeling when you feel the spirit during the lesson. We are also finding ways to improve our teaching skills so we have scheduled a couple of return missionaries last week and asked them to evaluate and give us some advice on where we can improve. Its been great so far.   

One thing I have learned this week is personal accountability. The best person who can evaluate me is God. At the end of the day I pray and tell the Heavenly Father the things I have done. And I honestly tell Him if I gave my all during that day. Then after that I would pause and receive revelation on where I can improve. Its a really good habit to build up. Its been helping me a lot so far. I Encourage you to do this as well.

I know I am really bad with Letters but one things for sure. I know Jesus Christ Lives! 

Elder Sy

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