Monday, April 27, 2015

HK 9.0 The Weekly Progress Report

On Monday, April 27, 2015 12:27 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hello Everyone!

This week is good! I love being a missionary. We spent a lot of time finding this week. Since the day I got here I have been seeing miracles everyday. I love meeting different kinds of people. I can say I have grown a lot since the day I got here. I am talking to more people now and talking to them boldly. Elder Haggenmiller is training me really well. He trains me by example. He has been trying hard to be exactly obedient since the first day I got here. I am blessed to have a trainer who strives to be obedient. 

Coming in to my mission I have a weakness of expressing my thoughts. There are times in lessons when I cant express what I felt. Its hard, but it is what motivates me to study harder and to talk more. I expressed this issue to Elder Haggenmiller and he is willing to help me out. So he suggested I should write more. Write down the lessons and write down the things I learned during personal study. It has been great so far. Its helping me Alot.

We strive hard this week to find new investigators to teach. The road we found on TaiWai has been great for us.  We have been getting a lot of numbers. The hard thing is scheduling them. I was kinda disappointed the other night for being able to schedule them but Elder Haggenmiller told me its not like it will be Strawberries and Butterfiles. So that motivated me to call more and to not be disappointed by the choices of others. 

Every night we call Xie Yu and follow up about his word of wisdom issue. It has been great so far. Tea was the problem, the first day he stopped drinking tea he said he felt thirsty. He lapsed on the second day but hasn't been drinking since. Every day we pray for him to have strength to overcome it cos it will help him prepare for baptism. 

Before leaving the apartment. We asked for the guidance of the Holy Ghost to find the person we wanna teach. When we got to the finding area the first person we talked to stopped and was really interested. We were able to teach a street lesson. He said he will be busy this week but he said he will have time to listen to us next week. We hope we can reschedule him. We were able to teach a lot of street lessons this week. I know its because of the faith we are putting into. 

I love being a missionary. Everyday I am just so excited to go out and talk to people and share to them about the restored gospel. I have seen how the gospel blessed me and my family and I am so happy to share it to others. 

I bear my witness that Jesus Christ lives and he loves each one of us.

Elder Sy

Elder Kang is leaving this Thursday. Transfer calls are tomorrow

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