Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MTC 6.0 ( Week 6 ) Excitement and Uncertainty Rolled Into One

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How is everyone back at home? I only have 4 weeks left. And I'm not sure if my Hong Kong Visa is here, But I pray every night that it will all be alright! Where the Lord wants me to go. I heard a lot of stories about missionaries getting reassigned with a purpose. So I am prepared for whatever will happen.

This week was great, its still all the same. Sleep study sleep study sleep study. Everyday I gain a stronger testimony And I can feel the spirit every time. By the end of my mission I want to be an example to everyone around me. That is my goal for my entire mission. How am I gonna do that? I am gonna try my best to be exactly obedient in order to reach my goal. I just want people to see Christ in my life and that Christ can make a family stronger. 
I think my mandarin is getting better, I do my best to learn a lot each time. Words are coming out of my mouth already. Its great, Gift of Tongues is achieved through your Hard Work. I know Heavenly Father is helping me and I have to do my part. Faith with Work is Success. 

Analogy I learned this week. Its an Analogy about the Atonement of Christ. When your mom lets you have piano lessons, she pays the teacher for your lessons. It does not mean if we have piano lessons we will become better pianist. We have to do our part, we have to work hard for it and pay attention to the lessons. But here is the thing, can we become great without our mom paying the teacher? 
So Christ has payed for our sins already. And we can become better people, but we have to put in our effort. Through His atonement we have a chance to be back to Heavenly Fathers presence, but we still have to do our part. We have to keep the covenants and do our part. So the decision is in our hands, do we want to become better Pianists or not :)

Til Next week! 
Elder Sy

(c) Elder Jaron Barnes

The above picture is our typical MTC Drop Off's. Yes I was assigned as a Host two times already. I'd feel like crying every time I fetch these missionaries because I  get to see their mom and dad teary-eyed together with their families. It reminds me of that day during my departure when I have the chance to hug my parents for the longest time. I cant take pictures during Hosting Assignments. In hosting I say " Welcome to the MTC, I am elder Sy and I will be the Host for your son today. Do you need need help with the bags? okay here this is what we will do, I'm gonna help your son to grab his books and drop his baggage in his room and get him started for missionary work. Now you have 3-4 minutes to say your goodbyes" .

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