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MTC 4.0 ( Fourth Week ) . From 'District Leader' To A 'Zone Leader'

 On Tuesday, January 13, 2015 4:16 AM, Jayzon Christian Sy <jayzon.sy@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hi Mom Dad Brent Reese & Zach,

How are all of you? I miss you all! How is Cebu? Is it still hot? MTC is beginning to feel like a routine. Its great tho, I learn a lot everyday. It is starting to hit me that I am a missionary. There's not much that happen this week. The food in the MTC is still great. Send more Dear Elders! 

This morning 3 of the missionaries in our zone departed from the MTC. Elder Leon, Elder Scott, and Elder Holt left. Scott and Holt is assigned in Toronto Canada ( Mandarin Speaking) Elder Leon is headed to France ( Mandarin Speaking) Crazy huh? There are lots of Mandarin speaking missions. It is not just Hong Kong and Taiwan. Tomorrow Elder Smith and Elder Philipps is departing too. Elder Smith is assigned to Canada Calgary and Elder Philipps is headed to New York, New York Mission. Both are Mandarin Missions. Once they are out we will be the Older District in our zone. We have a big responsibility because there is a new district. I was released as district leader, now I am a Zone leader for the zone together with Elder Brandley. This week was fun. In the zone we have this things called " Pass Downs " Missionaries since before passes down things. Last Night I was passed down with the " Glam Army" It is passed down to the Good Looking Missionary in the Zone HAHAHAHAH! Its fun!

This week I have learned something about commandments. Let me start of with an analogy. Parents wants there children to be safe, they don't want the child to be in danger. Do parents want their child in the middle of the road playing? Of course not! Because they do not want their child to be in danger, they set rules. But here is the thing, does the 1-2 years old child know why the parents sets rules? Of course not, the kids mind is to innocent to understand. Here is what I want to share about. Heavenly Father gives commandments that we do not understand. Through his prophets he gives his commandments. Sometimes we think that the commandment given is stupid and pointless, but no. Heavenly Father knows why he gave commandments to us. So we just have to be obedient in all the commandments given to us. 

(Mandarin Language)

Wo zhi dao moermenjing shi zhen shi de. Wo zhi dao touguo Yese Simi Yesu Jidu de fuyin Hexin le. Wo zhi dao jiating keyi yiqi yong yuan. wo ai nimen. bu yao wang ji daogao. Wo zhi dao qidao you hen da de liliang. Wo zhidao touguo qidao Shen hui Bangzhu women he ta hui zhufu women. Fong Yesu Jidu De Ming > AMEN.

Elder Sy

Here is the content of my new Assignment :

An E-mail from Sister Kathleen Ong Thompson.                                                                        
( The Sister Missionary who 16 years ago taught the Gospel to my Mom and my Family ).

From: Kathleen T <katy_ong@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 11:29 PM
Subject: Family History Photos-Your parents baptism in Taiwan

Dear Elder Sy,

Hopefully, you received the package from my family this week.  Here are some photos to go with the package.  I am in Bountiful, Utah visiting my parents, so I was able to pull out these photos from my missionary journal and send the package.  My husband, my two kids, and I live in San Jose, California.

A recent family photo with my husband's Grandfather, who is 100 years old and still drives himself to the SLC temple each week.  Baby Claire is three months old and my son Allen is 2 years old.

March 5, 2000:
Goodbye photos with Zhongli English Branch, last time I saw you and your Mom.

October 10, 1999:
Your parents baptism day: Sister Workman and I taught your Mom in the evenings and the Elders taught your Dad during the day.  I remember your Mom prayed about the church being true and tithing.  She was so happy to share that she received an answer to her prayers.  Your parents were the first couple/family to be baptized in the Zhongli English Branch.

December 25, 1999: Branch Christmas feast

I am thankful for your Mom, who kept in touch and her faithfulness in praying that I would get married and be sealed in the temple.  I did not get married until I was almost 35 years old.  Her encouragement, love, and prayers helped me to have an eternal perspective and to have faith in the Plan of Salvation.  I was happily married in the Salt Lake temple.  Your parents' sacrifice to support their family and have you live together always reminded me to not take family relationships for granted.

Elder Sy, in San Jose I have a framed photo of your family after your parents were endowed and you and Brent were sealed to your parents in the Taiwan temple.  I hope that on tough and discouraging days on your mission, you will remember how many people love you and that you are sealed to your family forever.

Missions are not for the faint of heart, so be bold and know that you share a message of truth from the Savior.

My family will be praying for you as you learn and grow.

Sister Katy Ong Thompson

P.S.  I know P-days are busy and you may not be able to email non-family members, so don't worry about writing back.

An E-mail From Bro. Richard Tregaskis to my Mom. 
( He taught my Dad the Gospel and my Family during his Mission in Taiwan in 1999 ).

On Tuesday, December 30, 2014 1:06 PM, Richard Tregaskis <richard@prettifuldesigns.com> wrote:

Hi Carmen,
It is so great to hear from you! My wife Dedra and I are so happy that you guys are doing well! That is so exciting that Jazon is going on a mission. We live near the Provo MTC, so if you need me to take anything over there or help in any way, just let me know.
It was truly my privelege to share the gospel with you and Julian. I thank God every day for the opportunity to serve him in Taiwan.
Where are you guys living now? in Cebu?
Dedra is pregnant with our 4th child and is due in June.
We love you guys too and wish we could visit you.
Richard and Dedra

Families Can Be Together Forever

MTC 4.0   Four weeks of training  has passed so quickly. Four more weeks to go before The Mission Field.

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