Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MTC 3.0 ( Third Week ) The Clock Is Ticking.

On Tuesday, January 6, 2015 3:42 AM, Jayzon Christian Sy <jayzon.sy@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hi Mom how are you? Is everything okay?

MTC has been great. It gets better everyday. I've learned a lot again this week. I was able to go in The Provo Temple today it was great! My companionship with Elder Brandley and Elder Miner is getting better each day! We all are clicking. God really has a purpose for the delay. Everything just seems so perfect. Happy New Year By the way. It was weird for the first time sleeping during New Years Eve. 10:30 It was lights out. Did not even hear the sound of a firework. The MTC experience is great! Being independent is hard HAHAHAH! I have the messiest bed. The biggest challenge for me is taking short showers HAHAHAHA! I'm not used to taking a 5-7 minutes shower. Its hard, but its life changing. Once I wake up 6:30, Its work all day! Every hour, minute, and second is used. There is no rest in missionary work HAHAHAHA! I've had the best sleep ever! After the day is done and clock strikes to 9:30 we go back to our residence. Once we get there, I take a bath and jump to bed HAHAHA! ( I pray before I go to bed) 

Since its a new year, I want to share a story. The story is about Lot's wife. Their family was commanded to leave their riches and belongings behind. They also were commanded to not look back. When Lots family was walking away from their riches, his wife turned her head and looked back. Because she looked back she turned to dust. The main thing I wanna share about is not looking back to last year. Its a new year, another year God has given us to change. Last year cant affect this new year. So lets all try to become better people this year and not look back at the things last year. Just keep writing on the new chapter/year of our lives.

Zach is so fat na HAHAHAH! I miss all of you mom! LOVE YOU ALL

Elder Sy

                        Missionary Training Center 3.0 ( The Clock Is Ticking )

     MTC Food is the best of all time

     The Telestial Drawer

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     One Week Supply Of Grocery Stuffs

   With Elder Miner ( Texas ) , Sisters Alpao & Gamboa (Philippines) 
   Sister Gamboa (HK Mission , Cantonese language ) can also be seen at the                          Hey Joe Show Video found  here >> Hey Joe Show  <<

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        See you next week for my next update : Hong Kong China Mission is Getting Nearer.