Tuesday, May 17, 2016

HK 64 Miracles Happens Daily.

On May  16, 2016 at 12:46 AM Jayzon Christian Sy <jayzon.sy@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hello everyone last week was an awesome week! Lots of miracles happening in this area.

So it was a great opportunity to learn from an Assistant. I went on exchanges with Elder Ng, he used to serve in the island but he is now in Cantonese work. He actually taught me how to do member missionary work. So the last few months our mission has been shifting its focus towards putting more effort into member missionary work. Well, its pretty tough cos I don't have a concrete Idea of how it is done. So Elder Ng and I sat down for hours and spent time thinking hard about it. It was a killer. So much details and so much focus you have to put into. Now we were able to create a solid plan. It is pretty exciting, I am pretty excited to be more coordinated with the missionaries in the branch.

So Scott has been changing a lot! We were able to be on page with our elders quorum. His progress has been going up super fast. He seems to be so much more sincere this time. We were able to get Huang dx to help us teach him. Huang dixiong shared his powerful testimony about giving up smoking. Scot has been able to make more friends in church now which is good for him. I am super happy actually, I feel like the missionaries that taught my parents. I kind of shared it with Scott as well that the situation with teaching him is the same thing as dads. And we can't get a hold of his wife because she is busy at home. So we are getting the sisters to teach her, which is the same situation with mom. Wow what a blessing, my heart has been rejoicing with this family recently. I love it.

We went finding the other day by the Kennedy town pier. As we were walking I had a strong impression that I should talk to a guy staring at his phone. So every-time I get that feeling I kind of feel nervous because the feeling is pretty weird. I did it anyway and was able to find out that he was a main-lander studying at HKU. He seems to be interested and he was very kind. I am pretty excited. You don't get a witness until after the trial of your faith! It is so true!

This week I learned about the Power of Covenants. The covenants we make with God brings so much power into our lives. Moroni chapter 4 talks about the baptismal covenants we make. 1) Take upon His holy name 2) Always remember Him 3)Keep his commandments. Now what blessings does this bring? We are promised to have the spirit to be with us always. As I was pondering about the role of the spirit I was reminded of how the spirit will show us the way. The role of the holy ghost is to indeed help us go back to heavenly fathers presence. We are taught the truth as well. Christ's teachings are made clearer through the Holy Ghost. How powerful is that? And after thinking about this I was also thinking about the power of Christ's atonement. Through the power which it brings we will be able to act upon the promptings and revelation we receive from the Holy Ghost. We will be able to conquer the enemies temptation.

I know that Christ lives! His life is so perfect. I am so grateful for my mission! It has been knowledge turning into wisdom right here. There is so much more to learn! I am so grateful for what I have gotten my self into, haha! I am so grateful for the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. I know that He really does care for each one of us!

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Exchanges with Elder Ng

A member of our branch is CFO of Walmart in China. we had to take a golf kart to go to his mansion.