Monday, November 2, 2015

HK 36 Navigating Confidently Through The Maze Of Missionary Life.

On Monday, November 2,2015, 12:14 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:


Another Great week of missionary work. Serving the International ward was really fun. The members in the branch are really strong and they do have a strong testimony of Christ. So yeah, after 6 days of working with Elder Mangrobang I got transferred back into the Mandarin Work. So now I am actually serving with Elder Forston in the Island. So we are both serving the HK island and we attend the Victoria 3rd branch. Time just makes you look at things differently. After six days of working with Elder Mangrobang, I was able to learn a alot. It was a pretty humbling experience. I actually struggled and it humbled me. I relied on the savior so much during those six days, and I am working hard on keeping that mindset here in the mandarin work.

So yeah, last 4 days back in mandarin work is awesome. Have been really praying hard recently and we've seen miracles! We were actually doing welcome center finding the other day, and what we do is we stay in front of the wan chai chapel and try to invite people to take a tour of a building. I praying really hard that we would find someone. Cool thing was an hour after, we were able to invite someone to come in, she was really interested. We taught the restoration and she will be coming to church this week. So that is pretty cool. The vic3 branch is pretty nice. It is all in mandarin! It is an interesting branch, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this branch.

This week Elder Forston and I had the chance to visit the James family. Super good family. Once again my testimony is strengthened by their example. Families who applies the gospel into their lives are the best. I am grateful that my mom and dad were great examples to me. Being out here on a mission made me realize how mom and dad were the best. I am grateful I was raised in the gospel. It has protected me from a lot of things and it brought a direction into my life. I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation. It answers 3 questions, where were we before mortality, our purpose in life, what is life after death. I am grateful for the eternal perspective it brings. It has brought a lot of peace into my life.

I know Christ Lives. I really do.

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