Tuesday, May 12, 2015

HK11 Mother's Day Overseas Call And Letters

On Monday, May 11, 2015 5:28 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <jayzon.sy@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hello! How is everyone this week? Its been a great weak for me. Things are slowing down for me. I guess? I am starting to talk to more people regardless of what age sex or what they look like. Looks like I am starting to overcome my weaknesses. Its been a really good week for me. I feel like my Faith is strengthened. Prayer is a big part in my conversion here in the mission field. Without prayer I don't think I have the courage and strength to continue the work. I am blessed to have spiritual eyes. There are days when its so hard. Walking for 3 hours and no one stopping to talk to you is tough, but then I am glad I have the positive attitude in doing the work.

This week I called a lot of people on the phone! First 9 weeks I don't like calling people on the phone because I feel like it is awkward. But its been a miracle. I am having the strength and courage to call. I know its through humble prayers that I was able to have the bold attitude in talking to people regardless it be on the phone or on the street. So I have this mannerism of trying to find things and reading them. I guess its called "mang-okay". So I was doing that this week, I was scanning through old investigators. Then I found good old investigators and gave them a call. I was able to schedule a man from mainland. The last time missionaries met with him was 7 years ago. Its mind blowing. 7 years ago I was still 11 and don't know what is happening in this world. Its cool if you think of it. We met him last Tuesday, we had a good lesson and dinner! HAHA! On Monday we were also able to have a lesson with Patrick, a guy we met on the street. We also had a really good lesson. Its was a really good week. We are starting to have more investigators. I know it was through our prayers that we were able to find them. I am also so happy to get to call home and hear the voice of my family. They sound so happy! 

I have gained a stronger testimony on prayer this week. I really know God is a prayer away. If we kneel with a humble heart and contrite spirit, He truly will answer our prayers. I know Christ lives. I know His atonement enables us to become better people. I have a clear purpose in my life. And that is preparing to go back to Heavenly Fathers presence. I know the Church is True! 

Elder Sy ( 薛長老 )

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