Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MTC 9.0 ( Week 9 ) When the time for performance arrives, the time for preparation is past.

On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 1:14 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <jayzon.sy@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hey how is everyone doing?

Cant believe its my last P-day in the MTC. Its crazy how next week I will start Proselyting. Hong Kong will be great. I am gonna miss Utah, I'll miss the Provo MTC and the Provo temple.It is both warm and cold. I learned a lot and I've grown so much here. I still can not believe its been 9 weeks I am away from home. It felt like just yesterday when I left home. I feel so blessed, every time I lie down on my bed I feel like Mom Dad Brent Zach and Reese is beside me. I thank God for helping me build my faith before the mission. I know my family is with me in this mission. I strive to be the best missionary God wants me to be. I know it will be a little tough when I get to Hong Kong. It is gonna be hard listening to native speakers, but I can do this. Through the help of God I will be able to do this. I just have to work hard and do my part. 

This week was fun! I remembered the day I got my visa. During class (Laoshi) Teacher gave us time to review. During the Review time, I was staring at the computer and suddenly a Notification popped out " Elder Sy Please Come to the Travel office ASAP and bring your passport". Then there I knew my visa has arrived. It was crazy! I was so happy that moment! 2nd great thing was having a tour around Utah. I love road trips so I really did have fun. It takes an hour from MTC to Salt Lake City. It was fun seeing how Utah looks like. Really looks different from home. The great thing is I felt the spirit during the trip. Its crazy how a bunch of handcarts moved to Utah and built a Great City. 

Hong Kong will be fun. I will work hard when I get there. See ya!
-Elder Sy

Pictures below is our Temple Square tour. It is such an amazing experience! from 7 am - 1 pm the international missionaries had the chance to visit . We went to conference hall, beehive house, lion house, Christus, visitor center and Joseph Smith Building. Other Pics taken inside MTC Head Quarters. Cherish and Enjoy !!!

The Delta Center, Home of The Utah Jazz Basketball Team
Brigham Young University Football Field Stadium

God be with you till we meet again  Elder Miner and Elder Brandley. I'll miss you guys

Exhausted from our long trip

Sound Bits MTC 9.0