Tuesday, February 10, 2015

MTC 8.0 ( Week 8 ) My Final 2 Weeks Inside Missionary Training Center

On Tuesday, February 10, 2015 4:45 AM, Jayzon Christian Sy <jayzon.sy@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hello how are you guys? 

This week was pretty much the same. If you wanna know what happened this week just look at the mails from the last 7 weeks. Everyday is all the same, Study sleep study sleep. The different thing is that I know that I have to better prepare myself for the field. I know the field is not gonna be easy. So I better make the most out of this 2 weeks. Everyday I strive to learn new words that I can add to my vocab. The cool thing is I there are a lot of new words coming out of my mouth. Listening to the teacher speaking Chinese is not hard for me. The hard thing is expressing my self, that's why I kinda have to practice even more. The most important thing is the spirit. Teaching by the spirit is the most important thing. I think in the MTC that is what I really learned. The spirit in the MTC is so great. There is no other noise except for the sound of the spirit. 

This week was fun. Getting along really well with my companions. They are really good examples to me. From taking quick showers and studying. I learned a lot from them. I thank God that I was given the perfect companions to start my mission. I learned also how to speak like them, they're English is perfect. ( of course because they are from America ) They teach me how to speak in an american accent. Every day I also try to improve my English. Its cool! I feel like speaking English here is much more comfortable than speaking it back home. Hopefully it gets even better throughout my mission. 

Something cool I learned this week is the Atonement of Christ. Having Faith in his atonement is really important in our lives. We can rely on his atonement through faith. When we have burdens in our life, Jesus Christ is there to carry it With us. The atonement of Jesus Christ can heal us completely. If there is a nail on a fence-post and we pull it out it leaves a hole, but the Atonement of Jesus Christ can pull out the nail and there wouldn't be a hole. His atonement can heal us completely if we have the desire to change. One of the fruits of His Atonement is repentance. Sometimes we think of repentance as a negative action because we sinned. But then its a blessing that we can repent and become better everyday. Everyday we should strive to become like Christ. We all are not perfect, but as we strive to follow His perfect example it brings a greater impact than thinking that we cant be like Him. 

- Elder Sy  

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