Monday, September 21, 2015

HK 30 Hong Kong Movie "Action Star", An Investigator !

On Monday, September 21 ,2015, 12:35 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:


How is everyone doing. It has been another great week of missionary work. A lot has happened last week and the other week. I will start with the spiritual things. The last few weeks has been a test of faith. Elder Woolley and I are getting better and better every time we sit down and talk about how we can help our investigators come unto Christ. We have strengthened our faith once again. In the field, there is a lot of prayer that has to be done (before starting each studies, lessons, going out the door, blessing the food, etc) sometimes its hard to pour out our hearts into the prayers. This week we strive to  pour out our hearts into every prayer we say and I think it brought a really big difference into our attitudes. The biggest thing it brought was the spirit. Last week we were teaching a lesson in English. We were not super prepared for the lesson because we did not know this persons background. The guidance of the spirit quickly took over, we were able to teach the lesson in English powerfully! I can still remember the reaction I had before and after the lesson. Before teaching the restoration I remembered I took a deep breath and said a prayer so that I could deliver it well in English. After the lesson Elder Woolley and I just felt the happiness you feel when you know the spirit was there. Crazy, amazing experience.

For this transfer the Zone Leaders exhorted us to read the talk entitled "On being Genuine" by President Uchtdorf. They wanted us to read it 4 times before the next zone training. The talk has brought so much meaning into missionary work. The talk is all about being real with doing things. The talk made me ponder a question. Am I here to serve the Lord or for personal gain/recognition. The talk has changed my outlook on my mission. I am here to serve the Lord by helping people come unto him. That is my purpose, nothing else. The talk has changed my attitude in a lot of the aspect of the work. I am grateful for that. 

Hong Kong has been really great. I love meeting different kinds of people and its fun trying to talk to everyone you see. Last week we were able to talk to this old guy named Bai Ying. Super interesting fella. He said he was an action star before, I didn't doubt him cos the way he brings himself tells me he really was a celebrity. Its funny, he is from beijing and speaks really BIAOZHUN mandarin. We're starting to teach him. Its almost the mid autumn festival so there is a lot of crazy ads about moon cake. I prayed for moon cakes and guess what, we got moon cakes 2 days in a row, its funny! Daipo ward has been awesome as well, I love seeing the members every week! The gospel really does bring happiness into peoples lives, and I can clearly see it right now as I have a front row seat of how it happens. This week I was pigging out as well. Elder Woolley and I were very hungry for some reason. Hope this does not keep up or else..... you know what will happen,  Ha!

Have a great week! I know the church is true. I know that Christ lives. I know Heavenly Father loves each one of us, and he has a perfect plan. Jia You! (Add oil)

Elder Sy

                                      ELDER SY
(薛 長 老)
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With Hong Kong Movie Action Star Bai Ying  白鷹

                 Action Star Bai Ying 白鷹 through the years. Notice the mole on his left lower chin ?