Wednesday, March 25, 2015

HK 4.0 How Do You Stand Up For Your Beliefs In Social Situations ?

On Tuesday, March 24, 2015 3:33 PM, Jayzon Christian Sy <> wrote:

Hey, Ni men hao! Jintian Hao ma?  ( 你今天感覺如何 ? )

First of all I just want to congratulate Brent for graduating. I thought he would have a hard time but it seems like it was easy for him. Continue studying hard, college will be fun. 
How is everyone? Hong Kong is fun! I love being a missionary. You just don't know what to expect everyday! There are two kinds of days. Hard and harder!  I'm still having a hard time talking to people on the streets but its coming. Missions are fun and exciting! The other day we met a lovely lady from Kenya. We were on our way home and she stopped us by saying hi. We chatted for a few minutes. She was so kind. After talking to her I thought of the people I am going to meet for the up coming years. Its fun thinking about it.
This week was superb. 3 of our solid investigators went to church. We have a baptismal date for one of our investigators. He is so golden! On April 2, Elder Haggenmiller and I will be teaching a main-lander. So the plan is to teach her the whole lessons and help her get baptized on the afternoon.
Personal Study gets better and better everyday. I always think of ways of how I can help my investigators. It is hard teaching people here in Hong Kong because most of the people doesn't have a Christian Background. So its teaching them new concepts. I always pray they will feel the spirit when we teach. Its the spirit that teaches. So I am working very hard to stay worthy to have the Constant Companionship of the Spirit.
Elder Haggenmiller helps me everyday to become a better missionary. Sometimes I loose focus but then he always reminds me. I am blessed to have a companion.
Just know that I am always praying for you Dad Mom Brent Reese and Zach. Be active in church. We are blessed to have the gospel in our lives. Strive to become better persons each day. Always have a family prayer every morning and evening.
I love you! Wo Ai ni ! ( 我愛你們 ).

Elder Sy ( 薛長老 )