Tuesday, December 23, 2014

MTC ( The First Week )

2:03 am Dec. 23, 2014 Tuesday

MTC is so great right now! everyone here is the nicest people. When you walk down the hallways or anywhere in the campus people say Hi in the language they are assigned. i've got two companions in the MTC. Elder Brandley and Elder Miner. Elder Brandley is the FUNNIEST. he is striving so hard to learn chinese. Elder Miner is the Tough smart guy, he gets alot of things done. Ive learned so much from them, thats the reason why we have companions that is to learn from each other. Guess what? Im the district leader! I was called to be a good example and leader for my district. I have 4 sisters in my district, and only us three elders are the only guys. Everyone in the district is learning alot! They strive hard in the Language training! You know whats tough? Ever since the first day the teacher came in Dropping his mandarin, and everyone couldnt understand. except for me, I could understand a bit... YI DIAN! Then we were told to SYL (speak your language) because thats how we get trained from the teacher. We had our first lesson and we had to teach in mandarin! Elder brandley and Elder Miner Tried their best! It came to a point we didnt know what to do. We couldnt just sit there and stare at him right? So I had to bring out my memory in Mandarin, and it went so good and smooth that I was able to close the lesson! Im having a great time here in the MTC. my study habits are getting better. Theres alot of personal studies, and we have to learn the language on our own. Reading the scriptures is great too! Its in the classroom when we are going to learn. Its so quiet and all HAHAHA! anyways Im runnning out of time! See you!

Elder Sy