Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day Call From MTC

7:39 am Dec. 26, 2014 Friday ( 4:39 pm  Dec. 25, 2014 Thursday ) << SLC Time

At this exact moment of time did we receive Elder Sy's telephone call from the Missionary Training Center. How excited are we upon knowing that it was him on the other line. We couldn't find the exact  words to  express ourselves as to how we've felt that moment. ( We were told that only twice a year do missionaries have the chance to call home, and that is during Christmas and Mothers day ). So you could now imagine this excitement coming from us his family.

Prior to that, on Dec. 25 evening we were busy sending emails to Elder Sy hoping he would be able to read those mails ( We know there's no chance he would be able to knowing the MTC rules) letting him know that we are opening all our email addresses and the skype just in case . We almost stayed awake the whole night until dawn before we came to realize that Elder Sy couldn't be reached at this moment.

But it was worth the wait though. The call lasted about 22 minutes. (I think that was the time allotted to every missionaries). We took turns in conversing with Elder Sy over the phone. His mom first, followed by me then his Shiobe Reese and next his favorite brother Zach whom he missed the most. Brent didn't get the chance to talk to his brother for he was upstairs busy playing on his computer and us excited talking over the phone that we forgot about him.

Time flies so fast that the only thing i remembered what Elder Sy ask me was " Did you missed me Dad " ? That made me ponder long after the conversation ended. I was thinking why did he asked that question in the first place. Maybe he could tell from our body language that it was OK for us his parents that he would be away from us for a long time. If he could only know how we missed him so much with  heartaches and  the pain we try to hide from him so that he could go to the mission field without any hesitation and the burden of seeing us in tears as he left.

I can tell by the tone of Elder Sy's voice over the phone that he is enjoying his moments at MTC. Another thing that i noticed with our conversation was  this new accent of his.

Glad to know that he is moving on along pretty well .