Monday, October 17, 2016

HK 86 The Kowloon Cubicle.

Dear Blog,

What a fun week it was to move into the office with Elder Woolley. The chance to work together again is priceless. It is exactly the same situation as Alma and Amulek. After separating to continue to serve the Lord, they reunite once again and preach the gospel together. Really awesome opportunity. Elder Woolley has learned a lot and so skilled in doing the work now. It's exciting help President Lam in leading the mission.

So before coming into the office on tuesday, we visited the two Jasons of Kowloon. We cooked food together and we had a great time chatting about the gospel and some random stuff. We had a great discussion about the general conference talks as well. We invited them and even ouselves to work on 1 or 2 things. I think that is a really good principle because normally you only remember  1 or 2 things from GC on the top of your head. So that lesson was a great blessing for me. Personal study and personal conversion seems to have a clear direction of where it is going. So I am grateful that the spirit has been teaching me alot recently. With the spirit, scripture study has been really fun!

So from wednesday to sunday, we did a lot of office stuff. We have been meeting with President Lam and Sister Lam for moves next transfer. There is gonna be a big "fried egg flip" in the mission because most missionaries have been in their areas for a long time. It was fun to see how things are done, President Lam is an inspired leader. Such a good example of following the Spirit. Preparing for mission tour has been fun too. I think the role of this assignment has been stretching me as everything I do requires great communication. So I thing its helping me get out of my shell even more.

Back to basic for me in Language tho. So we are doing Cantonese work. It has been a humbling experience to speak Cantonese. I was able to go up and give a short talk last sunday as well. Really humbling, hopefully I will be able to pick it up in the next couple of weeks. The gift of tongues is for real.

So yeah, I pretty much have more opportunities to serve now. Elder Woolley and I are going to do our best to focus on missionary work. We had great opportunities to work. Great Elder!

Studying the scriptures has been more meaningful recently. I am so grateful for the testimony of the Prophets. The accounts of the Savior just strengthens my faith in Him. I am grateful for a belief and a knowledge of a Savior. I have felt the power of the Atonement as I preach the gospel everyday and as I see people change for the better. The gospel is filled with so much hapinness and so much hope. The most important thing is that the Priesthood Authority is once again restored to fully prepare ourselves to progress in the life after this. I know that Jesus Christ lives. Heavenly Fathers love is unconditional, He is willing to listen to us all the time. As we humbly thank Heavenly Father each day, we feel Him so much closer to us. I know that this Church is true! The Book Of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Have a great week everyone.

Elder Sy