Tuesday, October 11, 2016

HK 85 Office Training

Hello everyone! Last week was a great week. It was fun to be trained in the office for a little bit. I had the chance of helping the new missionaries out. I still remember my first time in Hong Kong, I always thought that the assistants were really powerful and I wanted to be as mature as they are and as confident as the are. It's been fun being that guy. We took the Filipina Sisters and the Bundei sisters around for some orientation and we also helped them register for an ID card. Haven't really felt the intensity of the assignment yet as I am currently with Elder Grayam because he doesn't have any companion if I fully move in. We thought of a solution so I am probably moving in full time this week.

Last weeks general conference was really nice. It was an amazing experience to once again receive revelation for investigators, the mission and for myself. It's pretty cool how all the questions I had before conference was answered. Like, how can I exercise  my faith more? How can I help  investigators fully prepare themselves for baptism? Awesome! I love Elder Bednars talk, his talk answered all my personal questions. The spirit just teaches us great truths, love it!

Investigators in the area are really good recently. Chen Guo Wu didn't drink for a week now, that has been very exciting. He should make his baptismal date! Max's wife is doing great too, we send her scriptures every night to strengthen her testimony. For our investigator Chen Hong Tu, he came to all the sunday sessions on sunday and he had a great time being fellowshipped by the members so that was a great experience for him as well!

We visited President Zhou and his family last week. Such a great example. I really look up to the man, it was nice getting to know him a little bit more. Really great young dad and his kids are raised really well. Awesome example. We were able to get them to be excited for missionary work as well. They are amazing and we are hoping that they are sharing the gospel with the people around them!

Oh how I love this work, seems to get better and better each time. I hope and pray that all of you will have the strength to continue to become better followers of Christ by being a light around others which is done by keeping the commandments that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has given us. I know that this church is so true! I know that Jesus Christ leads it for the purpose of people to fully prepare themselves for further progression. I love my Savior, I am grateful for his love and example. I really do. Hope yall have a great week!

Elder Sy
China Hong Kong Mission